Learning Bad Habits

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Immy and I took the dogs, Ruby and JJ (a.k.a. Jingles or Jingle Jangles), to the dog park.  Since it was a nice day, there were quite a few dogs out there.  Ruby found some friends – Rudy, a 1-year-old Boston Terrier, and Dakota, a 4-month-old Golden retriever puppy (who was already as big a Ruby!).  Anyway, Rudy was the main instigator, and all 3 dogs played happily – running, wrestling, all the usual stuff.

Ims and I are talking and just enjoying the day.  I look over, and what do I see?!  Ruby, my girl dog, has her front paws on Rudy (boy dog) – in the hump position!  But she doesn’t make the humping motions… I think she learned the hump position from seeing the other dogs and also from the many boy dogs that want a little piece of Ruby.  When she was up in the hump position on Rudy, she looked at me and was like, So what do I do now?

It was HI-larious!  I told her that she was a lady and ladies do not hump boy dogs, or any dogs, for that matter.  Evidently, though, it is a dominance thing.  Later on, the tables were turned and Rudy was the one trying to hump Ruby…  And JJ (a boy dog) is always being humped by other boy dogs, since he has such a laid back vibe.  We, the peanut gallery (Immy and I), always encourage him to defend his manhood 😉


One response to “Learning Bad Habits

  1. Now THAT would have been a funny photo!

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