Weekend Movies

Boom and I had a very laid back weekend – when he wasn’t working, we just hung out.  And on Sat and Sun we rented movies.  Two very different (from each other and most other) movies.  In the end, both were uplifting, but I am not quite sure how they got there.  I liked them both, but especially “Once”…


Once” won an Oscar for Best Song “Falling Slowly” and made us want to download the soundtrack.  It was also a sweet movie – and I loved it b/c there was nothing sexy about it at all.  Not that I am aganist sexy, but it was refreshing to watch a movie where that was not at the center of all things.


The Darjeeling Limited” was very random and quirky.  I enjoyed it as well.  Had the same sort of feel as “The Royal Tenenbaums” (same director) and “I Heart Huckabee” (tho I realized that I may not have seen that movie yet).


One response to “Weekend Movies

  1. I enjoyed both movies as well and they were a nice escape from an otherwise hectic work weekend. I don’t think I have seen “I Heart Huckabee” either, but based off the quirk factor of the other two movies I would like to rent someday and make it a nice low key date with Tingaling.

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