I love nicknames. Perhaps it is b/c my name is really more like a nickname, but for whatever reason, I love ’em. Most all of my friends have a nickname I have given to them, whether they like it or not.


Through out the years, Boom and I have come up with various nicknames for each other. Boom is really very silly, though not many folks get to see that side of him. The longest lasting nicknames are Duckie and Lob. I am Duckie and he is Lob. We used to collect ducks and lobsters…

img_0373.jpg img_0372.jpg img_0370.jpg

For a while we were using names from the Smurfs… and one might think I would be “Smurfette” since she is the only girl Smurf, but no – I was Azrael (the cat). Which gets shortened nicely to “Azzey” (sounds like “A$$ey”).


Since I was the lovely Azzey, Boom got to be Gargamel, which really does shorten nicely to “Gargy”. Even these days I oft times call him “Gargy”.


(As a side note, I used to love watching the Smurfs. Probably one of my favorite cartoons of all time. And this year is their 50th anniversary! Who knew?!)

Recently, we’ve had new nicknames for each other nearly every week. This week…

Fudgie McStickyShorts = Me

Shyzer McPoop = Boomboom

Crumpy McSquatALot = Ruby

Boom is the creative one – so he’ll usually come up with a silly / odd nickname for me, and then I’ll come up with a similar one for him and we collaborate to find a good fit for Ruby.

Though I try to influence him to use sweet things that I like (ie cupcakes), he’ll take that and turn it into “Fudgie” – and while I do like fudge, pairing that with “McStickyShorts” doesn’t make it the most attractive or flattering nickname. But it does make me (and Boom) chuckle, which is a good thing.

Hopefully someday soon we’ll have some Loblings or Ducksters 😉


2 responses to “Random

  1. I`m sur you will have a lot of loblings and dusksters…

  2. you guys are silly. we hope we have lots of little loblings and ducksters 🙂

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