Eat Ski, Beaver Creek

Where to begin?! It was a whirlwind… from planning on Monday to leaving on Saturday! Talk about a short turn around time…


We stayed at the St. James at Beaver Creek Village. Nothing too fancy, but definitely not a steal. However, it was the only thing available, as it was Spring Break (mental note – ski before March next year!).


Beaver Creek’s tagline is “Not Exactly Roughing It” and people there really took it to heart. We were always out on the slopes early – usually right when it opened at 830am. Between 830 – 930am, the mountain was empty! Great skiing, usually sunny and making first tracks. We loved it. And from 230 – 4pm, the mountain again really cleared out. We were usually racing to get the last 330pm lift up to Grouse Mountain, to go all the way down and take the Centennial up, since that closed at 4pm.


Here we are bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to hit the slopes!


Here we are waiting for the ski storage to open.


Here we are on the lift! Look at the snow and the sunshine!

Boom was the King of the Moguls! He really improved his skiing on this trip overall, and was the leader in the moguls.


We rode almost all of the black diamond runs. Once, we went down what I thought was a single black, but then we looked around and the only options were all DOUBLE black diamonds! We went down Bald Eagle, but we were a bit over our heads – I ended up getting a hematoma on the inside of my knee, due to falling and hitting the inside of my knee on my skis.


On Wednesday (our last day) we were riding up the escalator to the slopes, and who do I see?! Troy Aikman! and his 2 twin girls. I was very excited, as I was not expecting a celebrity sighting! I wanted to get a photo, but Boom is a bit more reasonable than I, and he was like, he’s just trying to get his gals into ski school, like a normal parent. Let him be a normal parent. Boo, so no photo of Troy (QB for America’s team, the Cowboys, back in their dynasty heyday).


We ate like royalty. I had a serving of fries every day, sometimes 2x a day (currently, I have instituted a “No Fries” policy for myself). On Sunday night, we went to the Grouse Mountain Grill, the 2nd best restaurant in Beaver Creek. It was pretty good, but something (the lobster app, wine, or something) made my tummy hurt. I have a rather delicate disposition, so a bit too much cream could throw it off.


Here is my wine glass as big as my head!

Monday night we didn’t have reservations, so we bummed around and had beers and nachos (in honor of Gretty) at Coyote Cafe.


Nothing special, but just a very casual place to hang out. Very popular apres ski…

Tuesday night we checked out Dish, a tapas-style place, but not Spanish food. It was good, but I was at the height of feeling sick, so not a good date.

Wednesday night we ate at the best restaurant in Beaver Creek – Mirabelle.


Very tasty, and a little bit fancy pants. Though Boom and I didn’t dress up for anyone or any restaurant.

Wednesday night, our last night, we went into Edwards to find a very casual place – ended up at Lark Burger.


I enjoyed it (had a Larkburger with no burger, so just bun, cheese, lettuce & tomato), but also had fries, which made it my 2nds helping of the day. That was when I realized I need to put a ban on the fries.

3 of the 4 days, we at lunch at the Ritz-Carlton, which is where my fry habit took over… and lunch at the Ritz was also not a steal, but we were able to get a table every time, which was worth its cost.


Taco, Burrito, What’s coming out of your speedo?

You’re in trouble, You’re blowing bubbles;

You’re going down, You’re gonna drown!

– Spartan Swim Meet (Will Ferrell & Cheri Oteri)


2 responses to “Eat Ski, Beaver Creek

  1. Looks like a fun trip! You guys are braver skiers than I – I stuck to blues and greens.
    Talk soon

  2. sounds like a great ski trip, make me wish I could ski again….

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