Lesson Learned

Even though (or perhaps because) Beaver Creek is so fancy pants, people are still idiots.  On Monday, we came out from our lunch at the Ritz, and my (rental) skis were gone!  Yes, I had a pair of demo fat skis that I guess were pretty cool, but they were rentals, and kinda beat up.  Some idiot took my skis and used them with their boots!  How dumb!

So we lost half a day of skiing. We went back to the rental place and got another pair of skis for me for the next morning.  Tuesday afternoon we went back to the Ritz, asked all the peeps that worked there if they had found a pair of extra skis (they were not really helpful), then P.I. Boom finally located them!  Yay!

The lesson here is to split up your skis (even if they are rentals) with someone else in your party.  Just to help the idiots around you not affect your ski trip!


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