Happy (belated) Keister Bunny!

Our Easter celebration consisted of going over to our friend’s house for drinks and apps!  K&MB’s pad – which I love.  They got all their furniture in for their TV room, along with a great big TV!  Everything looks great and the TV rox.  Boom was totally jealous – he def wants one that size!

Everyone else had at least 1 baby in tow – so they all participated in the egg hunt.  Boom and I watched hoops during that time 😉

It was really great to see everyone and their kids – the kids seem to grow so fast!  I still think of so many of them as little babies, and some are nearly 5 years old!  It is crazy to think I have known their parents for longer than they have!

Boom has no guilt in not going to church on one of the few days that most everyone goes to church.  ’tis fine with me, but I think that someday he will miss it.

Before and after going to K&MB’s, Boom finished up cleaning the basement and I got started on cleaning up and out my closet.  Just have to tidy up the sweaters and I am finished!  Weeded a lot out to give away to charity and my marm.  I realized I have a lot of black clothing…


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