Good Times

Last night, Ruby and I went over to Court’s for our monthly wine club. It was a really fun time! Especially nice because all day yesterday I didn’t think I had any plans, so a very pleasant surprise. And it was a small group of varied ladies – a good mix, I thought. Some I knew very well (Gretty, Cubby), some not so well (HF, MM) and some getting to know better (Scooter, Court), which is great!

And Ruby got to hang out and play with Charlie, Court’s large lhasa apso, and Blue, MM’s hound dog. I know she had fun, ’cause this morn she was slow to come down the stairs. Got tired out last night! I really like it when I can bring little Rubles with me, and not leave her at home.

We had a random trail of conversations: the fact that Big Head Todd sings “Bittersweet” (not Toad the Wet Sprocket – thanks, dorks), babies, Dancing with the Stars, p0rn, stinky feet, San Diego… and I learned that my dog looks anorexic (or “thin” & “small”, compared to what she used to look like)! “Their lives are so short as it is…” was Gretty’s argument to feed her more. So, this morning, I gave her a full 1/2 cup of food (not heaping, but usually I just give her a scant 1/2 cup of food) along with the usual green peas and a special treat mixed in – a sausage patty left over from Boom this past weekend.

However, the pièce de résistance was

942964_95343.jpg !

We totally rocked out, for a few songs. I liked playing the guitar, but that is b/c we have Guitar Hero and so I was not too shabby. I tried my hand at the drums, but I was not good. It is definitely more fun to play than spectate.

All in all, a very good night! Adds to the bittersweet-ness of our leaving. (However, talks of some peeps doing the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon are continuing, and the party is growing! More on this after confirmation on Saturday)


2 responses to “Good Times

  1. I want to try the Rock Band game. Looks fun!
    San Diego marathon? That would be cool (for you, not me!).

  2. Yes, excellent time last night. Jingles looks forward to seeing his gf w/a few more lbs! And thx for helping me w/my commitment issues – I’m 90% committed to San Diego . . . baby steps!

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