Ok, so it is 9:06am EST and I am officially feeling overwhelmed.  With the move.

Should we buy a big house in a fancy pants neighborhood that we can grow into (clearly the shabbiest one would be the only once we can afford!)?  or should we buy in a less fancy pants neighborhood, but knowing that the houses are smaller and we’ll (hopefully) outgrow it in a few years?

Not that I am all that fancy pants, but real estate is all about location location location!  And I do have a fancy pants side that loves designer clothing and purses and shoes and jewelry!  But I feel like I am still rather low key and (hopefully) not in-your-face fancy pants.  As sometimes it is hard to recocille that side with my sporty spice side, artsy / crafty side and my eco-concious side.  It sounds like I have a split personality (and many issues to boot!).  Ugh….

I bet we will be in H-town for at least 5 years.  And a lot can change in 5 years (or they can stay the same – only time will tell).

Blah – sometimes it was easier when someone else made all the decisions….


3 responses to “Wow

  1. Take a deep breath. We should probably drive around the neighborhoods and get a feel for them before we decide which we want to live in. Once we have that conquered the rest of it will work itself out. LYH. Sporty/eco-friendly/fancy-pants-Tingaling

  2. Welcome to Houston!

    My husband and I moved here a year ago (next week actually, wow how time flies) and were in the same situation – what part of town and how much to spend?!

    We rented an apartment for 3 months while we looked at homes and that was the perfect amount of time for us.

    What parts of town are you looking at?

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the post – we are looking to stay in the loop somewhere… headed down in a week or so to start the hunt…

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