Last Night

Last night I went to deLux for a happy hour with the SCAN BYP and VMFA’s Friends of Art. It was a great turn out from both organizations and I got to see a few FOA peeps I knew, so that was a real treat! Lee was cracking me up as she was trying to avoid a guy she had gone out on one date with months ago, and who still calls her! Evidently he is not the brightest bulb.

After hap hour, we (Mandy, her friend, and I) wanted to go to Sticky Rice for some grub (which is across the street from deLux) but they were packed, as they were doing a fundraiser for Ring Dog Rescue (10% of proceeds last night were being donated to RDR).

So Mandy came up with the great idea of going to Edo’s Squid! I haven’t been there in ages, and it is just a restaurant that I never think of going to. Perhaps because their take out arm, 8 1/2, is just a few blocks from us and we usually just do that if we want Italian. It was quite delish. And we didn’t have to wait for a table – got there around 735pm. We basically took the last open table, and after that lots of peeps showed up and they had to wait. I got the eggplant parm (though I think the 8 1/2 version is better, guess I am just more used to it) and we all shared the broccoletta (very garlicky, but tasty!).

Mandy’s gay brother met us at Edo’s and it was great to finally meet him! I have heard so much about it, I feel like I have met him. Very nice – not exactly what I expected. I think since Mandy is pretty tall for a girl, I expected her bro to be taller. Not that he was extremely short or anything…

Anyway, a very nice night out! And I was home and in bed by 10pm! So just perfect for me!


One response to “Last Night

  1. Hey TInger
    just checkin’ in to say hi and glad you are doing well. i can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks! we definitely should have din din on friday night.

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