She is in for a huge shock

The weather here has been quite nice the past few days. Yesterday, it was sunny and warm! I love the warm weather – to clarify, it was not hot, I was still in pants and a light jacket over my t-shirt (though I had my sleeves rolled up as I was a little warm myself).

When Ruby and I took our 2nd walk of the day, it was probably around 70 degrees with clear, bright skies. She started panting almost immediately, which I thought was a little odd, since we had barely taken 10 steps, but I thought – maybe she is just adjusting to the warmer weather. Or maybe her adenoids were acting up, as everyone knows bully breeds have issues with their adenoids.

Well, we were less than 1/2 done with our half mile walk, and Ruby decided she was done. Tired. Ca-put. She literally stopped and laid down right in the middle of the alley road we were crossing! When I wanted her to get up, she rolled on her back and got all dusty! Grr – I picked her up and put her on her feet and told her we were finishing our walk!


Here she is recovering from the grueling walk.

I am seriously concerned, for when we move to H-town, the height of the summer will be upon us soon! And it is HOT and extremely humid down there all summer. I guess I’ll be getting up at 4am to run (that is literally what people do) and then also to take Ruby for a walk – so that she won’t fall down and die of heat stroke.

One response to “She is in for a huge shock

  1. rubles looks so cute in that photo! yes, she is going to be a little warm. good thing she has short hair and her momma will have a big house with cold a/c!

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