Blazing Fast


Kandy ran the C’ville 10 miler this weekend, and she rocked it! A PR of 1:11:28, and 4th in her age group!!!! And she was only less than 2 mins off being in the top 10 women overall!

She is such a bad a$$ – I like to think that a couple years ago (can’t believe it has been that long!) when I was training for Chile I could hang with her, but I don’t think that was the case.

She has already signed up for San Diego – now just have to get Boom and Gretty to do the same! (Gretty confirmed “Game on” for SD on Sat – woot woot!) Today is the last day before the price increases…


2 responses to “Blazing Fast

  1. I will sign up today! Man – Kandy Apple is fast. Tell her not to loop back during the marathon to pick me up. That would be humiliating.

  2. Jams jused to abhor the loop back but has since embraced it. Boom’s so blazing fast and skinny these days though that I doubt I’d have the chance to circle back for him.

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