Boom and I stumbled upon Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew sometime around the 4th round – and we loved it ever since! The finale was this week, and we watched it this weekend – and one of my fav crews – JabbaWockeeZ – won! They are tight and really good! I also really liked BreakSk8 – guys from the MidWest that danced on rollerkates! They won $100K and the title of America’s Best Dance Crew – not exactly sure what will come of it for them, but very cool. and highly entertaining to watch! I am thrilled that they will be continuing the competition in June!

I joked with Boom that we were likely the only people over the age of 25 that watched the show.  Oh well, I liked it!

I was really surprised and quite pleased at the number of Asian dancers in the competition. Living in (Fort Worth) TX and VA, I haven’t ever really experienced the West Coast for any length of time – and out there 1 out of ever 4 peeps are Asian. It gives me hope – when I move to H-town I am gonna take a hip hop dance class. I think Yarb has actually taken one before, and I will force her to take with me again! Too bad I have no rhythm, but perhaps a hip hop dance class will help!

2 responses to “Jabba!!

  1. You and Yarb are going to have your mom bust your old MC Hammer leggings out of the closet for the closs. Just remember, you can reach all night, but “You Can’t Touch Dis!” Proper!

  2. everybody has rhythm, dance on man!

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