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Here are the best txt msgs on my mobile from Feb. 5 to the present:

Thinking of you makes me smile. – Boomboom

You stink! – Cubby

Love ya short one. – Boomboom

I went out hard in cville thurs – had to. as it was comped 🙂 I felt awful yesterday.  I’ve become a pathetic tee totaler. – Kandy

Motivation is overrated… – Kandy


Update: Ahhhh-YUTT

Nubs and his Marine owner are re-united!


(This is a follow up to this older post)

Silly Marine was wondering if Nubs would remember him – of course Nubs remembers!  And Nubs will be the best dog ever, as he knows that the Marine saved his life and brought him to live someplace better.

Happy (belated) Keister Bunny!

Our Easter celebration consisted of going over to our friend’s house for drinks and apps!  K&MB’s pad – which I love.  They got all their furniture in for their TV room, along with a great big TV!  Everything looks great and the TV rox.  Boom was totally jealous – he def wants one that size!

Everyone else had at least 1 baby in tow – so they all participated in the egg hunt.  Boom and I watched hoops during that time 😉

It was really great to see everyone and their kids – the kids seem to grow so fast!  I still think of so many of them as little babies, and some are nearly 5 years old!  It is crazy to think I have known their parents for longer than they have!

Boom has no guilt in not going to church on one of the few days that most everyone goes to church.  ’tis fine with me, but I think that someday he will miss it.

Before and after going to K&MB’s, Boom finished up cleaning the basement and I got started on cleaning up and out my closet.  Just have to tidy up the sweaters and I am finished!  Weeded a lot out to give away to charity and my marm.  I realized I have a lot of black clothing…

Saturday Night Dinner


This weekend, we went out to dinner on Saturday night at a new(ish) restaurant in Richmond – Lulus.  I had been wanting to go there for a while, as it seemed like everyone else had been there.  We went with our friends Sam and J – whom moved to RIC at the same time as us!  So it was nice to catch up with them.

I liked the Lulus decor – it was a little funky and modern.  And it is smoke free until 10 or 11, which is great!  As for the food, we got Lobster and Crab Fritters w/ mango dipping sauce (OK), I got a Side Salad of baby greens, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, croutons, and raspberry vinaigrette (pretty good and pretty large!) and the Orecchiette Pasta w/ lump crab meat, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, roasted garlic and parmesan cream sauce (pretty tasty – a good amount of crab meat, and the cream sauce was not too thick).  Boom wasn’t too impressed with the food.  We didn’t get dessert, so not sure how they were on that front.

I guess it was pretty good overall, but not outstanding in any way.  I would go there again, but likely it wouldn’t be my first choice.



Here is our big news: we are moving! Back to Texas (I haven’t lived there since I left for college in 1994!) – to a new city – Houston. Yarbs lives in H-town, so that will be GREAT living in the same city as my sissy! I literally cannot believe it! And Marm and Dad will be less than 4 hours away. I don’t have that many CDS friends living down there (there are a few, and I just need to double check the database) so it will really be a new adventure for us.

Boom is excited as it is a GREAT opportunity for him and his career. Which makes me really happy.

Moving is definitely bittersweet (more sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet – Toad the Wet Sprocket) – as we have made some incredible friends the last 5 years that we have been here. Friends that I really hope we keep for life.  I am trying to get people to come visit us in the winter, as winter weather is awesome in H-town.  and also planning trips – trying to ensure I get to see folks soon!  And the wedding – there are a couple weddings that we’ll be back in town for this year, which is nice.

I always thought I would have my first babe here, but I guess that was not in the cards. Perhaps a change of scenery will do us good!

Lesson Learned

Even though (or perhaps because) Beaver Creek is so fancy pants, people are still idiots.  On Monday, we came out from our lunch at the Ritz, and my (rental) skis were gone!  Yes, I had a pair of demo fat skis that I guess were pretty cool, but they were rentals, and kinda beat up.  Some idiot took my skis and used them with their boots!  How dumb!

So we lost half a day of skiing. We went back to the rental place and got another pair of skis for me for the next morning.  Tuesday afternoon we went back to the Ritz, asked all the peeps that worked there if they had found a pair of extra skis (they were not really helpful), then P.I. Boom finally located them!  Yay!

The lesson here is to split up your skis (even if they are rentals) with someone else in your party.  Just to help the idiots around you not affect your ski trip!

Eat Ski, Beaver Creek

Where to begin?! It was a whirlwind… from planning on Monday to leaving on Saturday! Talk about a short turn around time…


We stayed at the St. James at Beaver Creek Village. Nothing too fancy, but definitely not a steal. However, it was the only thing available, as it was Spring Break (mental note – ski before March next year!).


Beaver Creek’s tagline is “Not Exactly Roughing It” and people there really took it to heart. We were always out on the slopes early – usually right when it opened at 830am. Between 830 – 930am, the mountain was empty! Great skiing, usually sunny and making first tracks. We loved it. And from 230 – 4pm, the mountain again really cleared out. We were usually racing to get the last 330pm lift up to Grouse Mountain, to go all the way down and take the Centennial up, since that closed at 4pm.


Here we are bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to hit the slopes!


Here we are waiting for the ski storage to open.


Here we are on the lift! Look at the snow and the sunshine!

Boom was the King of the Moguls! He really improved his skiing on this trip overall, and was the leader in the moguls.


We rode almost all of the black diamond runs. Once, we went down what I thought was a single black, but then we looked around and the only options were all DOUBLE black diamonds! We went down Bald Eagle, but we were a bit over our heads – I ended up getting a hematoma on the inside of my knee, due to falling and hitting the inside of my knee on my skis.


On Wednesday (our last day) we were riding up the escalator to the slopes, and who do I see?! Troy Aikman! and his 2 twin girls. I was very excited, as I was not expecting a celebrity sighting! I wanted to get a photo, but Boom is a bit more reasonable than I, and he was like, he’s just trying to get his gals into ski school, like a normal parent. Let him be a normal parent. Boo, so no photo of Troy (QB for America’s team, the Cowboys, back in their dynasty heyday).


We ate like royalty. I had a serving of fries every day, sometimes 2x a day (currently, I have instituted a “No Fries” policy for myself). On Sunday night, we went to the Grouse Mountain Grill, the 2nd best restaurant in Beaver Creek. It was pretty good, but something (the lobster app, wine, or something) made my tummy hurt. I have a rather delicate disposition, so a bit too much cream could throw it off.


Here is my wine glass as big as my head!

Monday night we didn’t have reservations, so we bummed around and had beers and nachos (in honor of Gretty) at Coyote Cafe.


Nothing special, but just a very casual place to hang out. Very popular apres ski…

Tuesday night we checked out Dish, a tapas-style place, but not Spanish food. It was good, but I was at the height of feeling sick, so not a good date.

Wednesday night we ate at the best restaurant in Beaver Creek – Mirabelle.


Very tasty, and a little bit fancy pants. Though Boom and I didn’t dress up for anyone or any restaurant.

Wednesday night, our last night, we went into Edwards to find a very casual place – ended up at Lark Burger.


I enjoyed it (had a Larkburger with no burger, so just bun, cheese, lettuce & tomato), but also had fries, which made it my 2nds helping of the day. That was when I realized I need to put a ban on the fries.

3 of the 4 days, we at lunch at the Ritz-Carlton, which is where my fry habit took over… and lunch at the Ritz was also not a steal, but we were able to get a table every time, which was worth its cost.


Taco, Burrito, What’s coming out of your speedo?

You’re in trouble, You’re blowing bubbles;

You’re going down, You’re gonna drown!

– Spartan Swim Meet (Will Ferrell & Cheri Oteri)