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Farewell, Lovely Wineclub

Last night was my last wine club ever. And I was feeling a little under the weather during the day, so I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but, as usual, I had a great time and loved getting to see all the lovely wineclub ladies.

Top Row: Court (founder), Molly, Scooter, Whitey, Ali, Nina, Trisha (1st timer), Lizard

Bottom Row: Stu, New Girl (forgot her name), Gretty (hold lovely photo of Dave and Scooter), Cubs, Me

It’s been great getting to know the folks in Wineclub. I remember when Gretty told me years ago about how some of her friends were starting a wine club, who’s only goal is to get gals together to drink wine. I was like, Sign me up! I can handle something like that!

Last night was a good showing. Sometimes there is a much smaller core of girls that show up – which is also great in it’s own way. Scooter kept us amused last night by re-telling some past dating stories (Can you cuddle like a koala?) and Cubs shared about her date on Friday night (no sparks), Court and Molly are starting Seals on Monday (yay!), and we just talk about everything you can imagine (ice cubes, anyone?).

It is great because I am going to see many of my closest Wineclub friends soon after we move away – Cubs and Gretty in SD at the end of May / beg of June. and Court (and TJ) are coming down for the Red Sox vs. Astros games at the end of June (Cubs, that is when you are in ‘rado – you should just come down to H-town for the weekend!).

A lovely evening – and I will think of Wineclub every last Tues of the month… hopefully I’ll be able to make some surprise guest appearances!


An “article” about Seal Team on Tobacco Avenue.

Man at Work

Boom enjoys small, manageable projects around the house. Putting the house on the market has provided many of these. Most I outsource to our trusty handyman Steve, but a few Boom has completed.

Last weekend, Boom put a doorknob and latch on our master bedroom. We haven’t had a doorknob that latched on that door since we moved in. So we’d just have to barricade ourselves in the room to keep Ruby out and off of the big bed. Many a night one of us would head off to the bathroom and crash into one of these barricades (trash cans, yoga ball, empty copy paper box, etc).

I love the way the old timey door knobs look – love the cream colored knob and the black hardware. During this project, I was dozing on the bed, slightly hung over from the Darden reunion. and when I would wake, I’d take a few photos, then go back to dozing. Tough to be the manager, but someone has to do it.

Boom’s expression is both “Ha! I triumph over you, Doorknob!” and “Doorknob, you are a true SOB and I respect you, but I still gotcha” all at the same time.

When we (we being the contractors) fixed up the outside entry way, we moved the mail slot from the side to the front of the door. This meant we had to close up the secret door that mail went into. Boom painted on once the wall had been patched. Unfort, his first coat was with the wrong paint:

We were both like, maybe it dries a LOT lighter? But then I realized we were using the living room paint and not the hallway paint. Boom repainted with nary a complaint!

He is just so cute! It’ll be nice when we are both down in H-town full time.

Almost time to Go

Saturday night our friends threw us a going away party at my friend Stevie’s incredible house up on Church Hill. Everyone loved her place (since it is beautiful and huge! perfect for her and her fiancee – since they love to entertain) – very impressed with the 4 (four!) floors! And the view from the top is awesome – seeing lovely RIC in all of her grandeur!

Stevie and I – Isn’t she so cute?! Too bad I’m smiling so hard and creating a double chin for myself. I need to remember not to do that!

It was really great for me, ’cause it was a great gathering of my friends from many different aspects of my life in Richmond (Supper Club, Junior League, Seals, Wine club, Boom’s old employer, SCAN, ART180, etc). I overheard one of my friends say “This is the first party I’ve been to where I recognize a lot of people, but don’t know how I know them all” – hehehe, my random collect of friends. My cousin asked Boom is a bewildered voice “How do you know all these people?” And Boom was like “I know about 3 of them”. Harhar – we’ve lived in RIC for five years, so surely there would be a lot of peeps at the party.

Boom and I with my cousin Thom and Suz, who came down from DC for the party! Suz looks so cute – she cute her hair and I love it! They actually just got back from Hawaii earlier in the week – fun times!

Me with 2 of the other hosts – Jojo and KB (I need to remember to stand up straight or suck in my belly – something to hid the buddha!). KB was hilarious – she had a scrapbook for people to put a photo in (the request was on the invite to bring a pic) and sign – so she was very diligent in her task of making sure everyone was putting their pic in and signing the book! I can’t wait to get it – it will be awesome! She also took photos of people who did not bring one – too funny! And Jojo was helping to keep her hydrated during this daunting task – I like the team work!

I did get sad, though, especially with these two. Since we basically moved here at the same time and started up our lives in Richmond together. And we’ve been through a lot – some big things, 4 kids (they have 2 each), and lots of small things, like powering through work functions, Easters spent together, sewing, supper club, etc. Jojo did bring up that I didn’t much like her when I first met her. Which was true, but that is just my snap judgment rearing its ugly head! and it was very short lived, we became fast friends! (It is so funny for me to think of myself 5 years ago – I have definitely mellowed out and have figured out more of who I am. It is nice.)

Seals peeps representing! Scott, Warren (one of the hosts), Gretty (another host), Moi, HB (Gretty’s bro), Cubby and Rich. Some are more consistent than other, but that is ok…

Some Junior League friends: Poindexter, Moi, SS; Rikki, SS & Moi!

Boom with the old work crew (or Stevie and her boys!)

Most of Supper Club: LH & Jelly – both preggers, Jojo, Moi and LB.

Some of the peeps: Trisha, Lizard, Cubby, Moi and Court [I definitely was turning pink from all my Tanqueray and tonics ;-)]

A rare moment of levity! MB, Boom and Jems. Arms and legs are all over the place!

With all the lady hosts: KB, Gretty, Stevie and Jojo. Love them all! So nice of them to come together (well, KB and Jojo are good friends) and throw the party for Boom and I.

It was an excellent time for Boom and I (since we did know all the people at the party) and I was so happy to see everyone before we go. A great time was had by all!

I really hope that I can make good friends like these is H-town. Boom says he is not worried, and I am not exactly worried, but just a little apprehensive. The unknown, I guess, is always a little scary.

Reason #21

Overheard at yogidy:

Yoga instructor to mid-40 year old in his class…

“You look familiar.”

“Yes, so do you…  I wonder from what?”

“Where did you go to school?”

St. Catherines, blah blah blah…”

After that the convo is all a blur to me…  I can’t believe that a mid-40 year old person would answer “St. Catherines” as where she went to school (St.C is the local all girls private lower / middle / upper school) – I mean, she is in her mid-40s!!!!   Wouldn’t she think someone older like her might know her from college or grad school?!  Not  high school?

This right here is one reason I am a bit ready to leave the RIC.  Some people here think RIC is the center of the universe, and that going to St.C is the end all be all.  Very odd to me.  Sometimes I just want to shake people and say “there is life outside RIC – go out there and experience it!”


This morning, I really couldn’t figure out if I wanted to go to yogidy or Seals.  I was having this debate because sometimes of Fridays the workouts are not all that tough, so makes it seem less worth it to be there.  And Fridays are usually heavy on the team aspect, which can be ok, but being team leader stinks (in my opinion). But on the other hand, I was kinda not wanting a super tough workout, since the last time I really elevated my heart rate was Monday (I was awake and raring to go to Seals on Tuesday, but got sidetracked by  some major G.I. issues.  On Wed, I was still a little scared from the GI issues, and then Thursday Seals was at Bryan Park, and I just don’t usually go there) and I had a really big dinner last night at Havana 59.

Anyway, got up at 5am, had this internal debate, and Seals won out.  Very unfort for me, I was on the end of the line when we formed up, and was team leader.  Just my luck, the day I decide to hit Seals, I am also a team lead.  I much prefer to just be a team member and critique the team lead.  But it wasn’t so bad (no thanks to me) – the people on my team were not the uber Seals athletes, all just in the middle of the pack, which is good.  Sometimes with the uber ones, they are really demanding on their leaders and impatient.  This team was very nice, and we weren’t too shabby, either!  I guess my lesson learned here is to either 1) expect the worst of a situation and then be pleasantly surprised, or 2) surround myself with middle-of-the-pack people, who tend to be nicer than agro people.

When Seals was having some drama and issues about a year ago, Boom suggested that my friends and I start a splinter group and call it “Team Sea Lion”.  Well, we never did, but I am glad to say that Team Sea Lion will be reunited at the San Diego Marathon in June!

I also remembered a photo that my friend doctored up for me, when I told her I was doing Seals.  Very amusing… From My Pal Al in March 2005 (!) – good thing I don’t delete my emails 😉

ting’s quote of the day:  “and now i do a seal training thing (hard to explain)”

New House

Here are a few photos of the house we have under contract in H-town:

(Disclaimer – Homes are large and grand in Texas! So this is way more space than we need right now, and definitely grander than we ever imagined, but we think it will work out just fine…)

Here is the front of the house. I love the Spanish tile roof! I think we will grow some ivy on the garage wall with the 3 square windows, at least I think Boom would like to do so…

Here is the front entry way and staircase. Ruby is not pleased with the spiral staircase. She is afraid she won’t have enough energy to get up ’em, or pick up too much speed and hurt herself going down! I foresee us having to carry her up and down the stairs.

Formal sitting room into dining room. We literally don’t have enough to furnish even one-tenth of this house.

Boom’s man room (aka study) with built-ins on both sides. It also has French glass doors – which I like so I can spy on him when he is in there.

Looking at the kitchen from the eating area – 6 burners, 3 ovens, I dunno if I will ever use all of the appliances. At least I am ready to cook for an army, literally. Too bad I am not much of a cook. Maybe this will spur me on…

Living room with gas fireplace and lots of built-ins. Boom already knows what large TV he wants to go above the fireplace.


This is at the top of the stairs. We are going to have the builder put white built-ins along the wall with no windows, and we’ll use this as our upstairs family room.

This mudroom could possibly be one of my favorite things about this house (besides the master closet). On the 2nd floor and look at all that storage!

Here is the master bedroom with a sitting area. I think the one sofa we currently have is scaled for this sitting area. We are going to get a king size bed! That will be glorious as I will be able to be right in the middle and Boom will still have lots of space.

This is the master bath. The shower has 2 heads, so that should be fun.

And last but certainly not least – the master closet! We both have a door to the closet – it is shaped like a U so we will be able to see each other in the mornings! I love that. And love all the space (the top rack is for out of season clothes, and the black things help to bring the rack closer to you when you need something off of it).

[Update: If you want to see even more photos of the house, check them out here. Not that you weren’t already bored out of your gourd!]

There is so much space I kinda don’t even know where to begin, once we are down there. We’ll put our current queen bed in one of the other bedrooms and sleep there until we can get organized in the master bedroom, with a rug and king bed.

Well, it seems that we are all grown up. Scary. Very scary. Maybe we’ll put my bridal portrait in the dining room, like is the custom in RIC and evidently Dallas as well. We’re gonna need things to go on the very large walls, that is for sure.