Book Review

These days, I have been feeling a bit ADD.  Seems like I have more time for just snippets, so reading a mag seems more efficient than just a few pages in a book.  I started a few book a month or so ago, and finally finished one of them!


March by Geraldine Brooks, won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2006.  I like to read Pulitzer Prize winners as I assume they have to be at least well written, if nothing else.  (Tho I think Waiting by Ha Jin was a PP winner, and I did not enjoy it at all.  And really didn’t think it was well written.)

She takes the absentee father from Little Women and weaves a story where he is the main character.  He is a Chaplain in the Union Army, and it is a it like a historical fiction.   I enjoyed it.  It was an easy read and interesting plot line.  She delves a little into how slaves were treated, and it is horrific (human decency clearly skipped some people – to be able to treat another human being so poorly, just because they look a little different).  And shows that even people on the Union side, still had their prejudices.  To think, that this all took place less than 200 years ago is really amazing.


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  1. Cool, sounds like another good book to read!

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