Simply Vera

I am loving the trend of designers partnering up with low-end retailers to provide designer mass-produced goods…

Martha Stewart Everyday at K- Mart.  Isaac Mizrahi for Target.  Simply Vera at Kohl’s.  Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker at Steve and Barrys.  The list could go on and on… (Tar-jay really has done a great job.  There are tons of designers, in so many of their departments:  jewlery / home goods / clothing / baby, and the price point is great!).

I was very excited when I hear Vera Wang was teaming with Kohl’s to produce a line.  But Yarbs checked it out a couple months ago and didn’t have rave reviews.  I needed to get some capri leggings last week for a “theatrical” black tie event we went to on Saturday, and I decided I would check out the Vera Wang line at Kohl’s.  To be clear, I had never been in a Kohl’s before (not that I am a snoot, but just never had been in one).  So if their goal was to bring in new customers with the SV line, it worked!


And I was very impressed!  Compared to everything else in there, the SV line was very fashion forward.  So much so that I wondered who buys the line there – I guess the new customers they have attracted.  I tried a few pieces on – and they were cute.  But her shape right now is very trapeze and billowy.  With the extra lbs I am carrying, it is not a good look for me (but if I ever get preggers, I can wear her line and not maternity clothes!).  I did like her designs and looks.  I checked out her shoes, and those I felt looked a little cheap.  I had seen them in magazines, and they looked better in print than in person.  Cheap shoes are hard to pull off.  If you use patent or metallic, I think cheap shoes can work.  But cheap leather (or faux) just looks cheap to me.

Anyway, I ended up getting a pair of black capri leggings (they had other colors and I was tempted to buy a couple other pairs, but when else would I wear them?) and a pair of sunglasses.  Oversized.


I also really like her packaging.  So much for me is in the packaging.


I am really enjoying the sunglasses – wear them everyday that it is sunny!  Unfort, I put a little run into the capri leggings (since I am a spaz) – but they were very comfortable and I really am tempted to go back out there and get another pair of black as well as some of the other colors…  if only the store wasn’t all the way out in Short Pump…


One response to “Simply Vera

  1. I like the billowy trapeze look in theory as well, but you definitely need to be rail thin and/or twenty something to pull it off and still look good! I do like the shades.

    The Kohl’s here are all OTL (“outside the loop”) so I rarely venture out there…once you are here we can make the trek together (as well as to Steve and Barry’s)


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