Game Night

Last Friday, our good friends Gretty, Cubby and Ali hosted a Game Night to raise money for SCAN. It was a so much fun! They really got into planning the teams and breaks and giving superlative prizes! Boom got one (a book of sudoko) – I think for being the most competitive (and they all thought I was competitive!).

There was a couple, a friend of a friend, that was there – the husband got wasted! Let’s call him “Beef”. Well, Beef is a big guy, and seems nice enough when sober, but often times gets wasted and turns into an idiot, spilling beer and looking very drunk. (The last 2 times I saw him he was wasted.) One of the more memorable Scattegories buzzes that he got was for “dessert” but really the card read “desert”. Hehehe – we all got a kick out of that! and for the 2nd round, he was supposed to be playing “Celebrity” (2 of celebrity names he put into the pot were ‘Bo Duke’ and ‘Luke Duke’ – HA!), he came and floated into our 2nd game of Scattegories, and then floated out… Of course he got the LVP (Least Valuable Player) award – and he was a good sport about it all.

Well, Beef really found his calling – TWISTER! That was the last game played, and he was into it! His poor (preggers) wife was ready to go, but not Beef – he was playing Twister! HI-larious.

To sum up the night: beer, wine, pizza, jello shooters, games and TWISTER!



One response to “Game Night

  1. Hmmmm…I’m not so sure about the twister…

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