Our plan to get Ruby down to Houston was to rent a larger SUV (my Escape is such a piece that we’d be afraid that it might break down on the way) and drive her down, stopping every 2 hours so she can stretch her legs and hopefully not puke too much (she gets car sick!).

When my good friend KB heard of this plan, she was shocked! They lived in London for about 18 months and took their pooch, Huckleberry, with them. She used a pet transport firm. and she suggested that we do the same.

If we use a good one, I am all for it – it will be less painful for everyone involved (even Ruby, since she will be flying, and only for 3 hours, not driving for 2-3 days). When I suggested it to Boom, he was all, “Ruby has a very delicate disposition, so I am willing to drive her down” and “I’ll consider the pet transport service, but it anything happens to her, it is on your head!”.

I did some preliminary research online and it looks like there a bunch of pet transport services – you can even hire someone to drive your pooch to where ever!  But it is hard to choose based on a website.  Hopefully KB’s firm that she used also does domestic pet transport.   If I used a service that someone I know has used, I will have a slightly higher comfort level.

I think Boom would be all over it, as it would mean we could be in H-town permanently earlier – like May 11th!  Assuming we find a place to live (which, btw, our realtor down in Houston said the market is kinda slow, so not to worry!).

So we’ll see – have some decisions to make…


One response to “Decisions

  1. You neglected to mention the other option of carrying her in a baby bjorn on my chest for the flight. Just need to find a realistic baby mask for her to wear!

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