House Work

Most of this weekend was dedicated to getting the house ready to be put on the market. Saturday we did some prep work for Sunday – and Sunday we literally spent all day working on the basement. We had the main half painted, and it looks great! (I wish we had done so years ago) But we have to organize all the stuff so that the back half can get painted later this week or this weekend

We have some empty shelves, but we are gonna have to put a ton of stuff down there from the main house (the stagers came today – everything has to go!) so I suspect that we will need to get even more shelves (and bins).

Our handyman Steve also spent all of Sunday with us (which I felt bad about, but he didn’t seem to mind) – putting in more lights in the basement and also caulking everything that needed it. Caulking is a lot of work – whew! Glad I didn’t have to do it! I went and got us all sandys from Panera around 230pm (late!) and driving home I got really sad. Sad to leave. But I guess that is to be expected.

Putting a house on the market is a lot of work. But it all makes the house look much better, and thus worth more mola – and that is good. And it has made us purge a lot of stuff, which is good since I am a pack rat by nature. I guess moving is good in that it makes you evaluate and justify what you have and what you keep. I am at the point that I would rather give something away or trash it, rather than keep it and have it take up valuable shelf space 😉  I am hoping this pared down mentality stays with me through the move to H-town.  I think I need to be more minimalistic.


2 responses to “House Work

  1. That basement is looking awesome. Lots of hard work from everyone and I agree lots more hard work to go. Get tired just thinking about it. Tinger bears the brunt of it, but hopefully we are getting to a point where it is small stuff remaining. Just lots of small stuff.

  2. Moving is not fun! Can you believe Joe and I have lived in a total of 5 different places since moving in together. And I think we’ve had at least that many garage sales. I think as you get settled you just start accumulating more stuff. I think I used to have one box of scrapping stuff and now I practically have a whole room ful. Ugh!
    I know you are sad to be leaving your friends and your life in Richmond. But just know there are peeps who are very glad you are coming back to TX!

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