On Friday afternoon, my excellent friend Neener came into town for a few hours.  It was SO SO SO great to see her!  It had been 2 years since we had seen each other last (Boom and I skiied at Vail 2 years ago and stopped into Boulder on our way out) – way too long.  She is such an awesome person – wonderful heart, beautiful, intelligent, fun loving, kind, and just has a special vibe that people are drawn to.

We met up in DC in art class in 1999 or 2000 – we both were taking a drawing class at one of the local community colleges.  And I was so glad she was in my class!  We both had already graduated from college and were just taking the class for personal enrichment.  The teacher was a bit of a freak as were the other kiddies in the class.  It was great ’cause she was my only non-work friend (I worked for a huge, management / IT consulting firm where lots of other young people worked) and I was her only non-college friend.  We just ended up really clicking.

Anyway, it was really great to catch up with her, if only for a few hours.  She looks wonderful – still very beautiful (dark hair and blue eyes) and just doing great.  She had been to India about a year prior, visiting family (her late father is Indian and her mum is German!) and traveling around – she even spent time in an ashram!  So cool.  She said though it has been a year since she had been to India, many of the things she experienced she was just now learning from.  Takes time to asorbe, and from what I hear, there is a lot to take in in India.

It was just such a treat to see her and catch up for a bit!  She was so sweet and brought tulips (see top of post) – and they still look great now!  Cubby may be headed to Boulder at the end of June so I may try to take a trip out there and see Neener and Cubs.  Should be an easy flite to Denver from H-town.


3 responses to “Neener

  1. I think the world of you, Tingster. We are so not waiting another two years! I will be thinking thoughts of peace and prosperity as you and John start your new chapter in Tejas. Thanks for sharing your blog – what fun!

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