Truth from a Tea Bag

Since it can’t seem to warm up (even though it is spring!), I am still drinking lots of hot tea – loving my Yogi Tea. This morning, I thought the “fortune” as I like to call it (though it is not a fortune as much as it is wise words) was very good.

This is true emotionally, mentally and physically.  It’s meaning is not to be selfish and self-centered, but to know yourself, love yourself and to always strive to improve yourself.  I also take it to mean being nice to your physical body – not putting things into your body that are not good or hurt it.  Doing all this will make you a better person, and a better person is a better friend / wife / daughter / sister / etc.

Deep thoughts, I know, from someone who giggled this morning at Seals after I heard someone toot whilst bear crawling…


3 responses to “Truth from a Tea Bag

  1. Wise words 🙂
    At least you were not the one who tooted (for once!). The worst is tooting during yogi…

  2. That is so true!… and that’s who I tend to think of last… it’s a bit sad. but i’m trying to be more mindful of my self and be true to who I am and to what I need. Very deep thoughts, but thank you for the reminder. I think I needed it! R

  3. Good morning Tinger. I can’t wait to see you and Boom on Friday!

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