Bye Bye Bye

Last Firday night, some of Boom’s former co-workers (and some spouse) took us out for a farewell dinner.

is a local restaurant that is nice b/c it is large. Lots of restaurants around here are really small, so it is nice to go somewhere where there is a lot of space. Excellent bar to hang out at for that reason. And the food is pretty good. I didn’t realize it, but CanCan was named Style Weekly’s 2007 Restaurant of the Year.

It was really nice to see the work peeps – with Boom’s old firm being fairly small, many of the work peeps are also good friends.

All the guys look so cute – and preppy (at least not everyone is wearing a blue and white shirt, just 3 out of the 5)! Guess that is RIC, I wonder if Boom will be changing his style once we get down to H-town… Already, with his weight loss, he has been much more open to some more adventurous clothing (nothing drastic), as he realizes that he looks much better in slimmer cut clothing these days.

I am loving getting to see everyone before we go – having lots of little farewell lunches and dinners… It is starting to sink in that we will actually be moving away soon – I can’t believe we will be house hunting in less than 48 hours!!! (and it makes me realize how much stuff I need to do to the current house – arrrrhhhhh!)


2 responses to “Bye Bye Bye

  1. I guess my perspective is different since I have been down here for the last three weeks. Sort of feels like I have already left ole’ Richmond. Excited to get the house hunt uncorked on Friday and keeping my fingers crossed that we find something we like at a reasable cost.

    We will get everything done on the old place. Just need to be very focused on the Sunday we are back in the house. I have to be a moving machine to get all the big stuff into the basement.


  2. I can’t wait I can’t wait!

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