I did the run option at Seals this morning, and ever since I got home from that (~7am) I have been tired – so tired that when I was eating my cereal I was wishing to take a nap. With all the stuff to do for the house, I didn’t get a chance to take a catnap, so by the time 7pm yogi class rolled around, I was really, really tired.

I expected to have a not so great practice at yogi, but it ended up being quite excellent! I was feeling flexible (no idea why) and just really had a good practice. Afterwards, I felt much more energetic and awake than I had nearly all day!

After dinner (~9pm), I finished a project thrust upon me by our house stagers – making a “slipcover” for my shelves. Now instead of being all a jumble, I have a blank canvas!

Here is what the shelves looked like before:

And here it is all covered:

(I still need to clear all the stuff off the very top shelf, per the stagers). If I end up using this cover in H-town, I may add some (plain & black) embellishments, but I really like how it turned out! Simple, just the way I like things. It wasn’t too hard, but working with fabric in such large pieces (for me) is always difficult. And I realized I made things a bit more complicated for myself than I needed to, so a good lesson learned for next time.

I kinda feel like a super dork for 1) being so excited to have finished my slipcover, and 2) actually being able to sew the slipcover. Oh well, I guess I am just crafty…

AND I am getting to bed before 11pm!  I am really quite please all around about how my night went!!!


3 responses to “Crafty

  1. yoga does wonderful things to our body and spirit….
    I’ll be back at the end of April, hoping I could help with your moving .

  2. You are being so productive! Look at all that fun crafy stuff – I can’t wait until we can be creative together ;). Maybe you can teach me how to sew!

  3. p.s. one thing i would like to do tomorrow evening is have a mini photo shoot with you and john. just need to practice my photography skills for a class i am taking and i need more subjects other than joe!

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