This morning on our walk, I realized that Ruby makes me happy.  We’ve been snuggling in the “big bed” since Boom is out of town, and I love having her as own personal furry heater!

Here she is relaxing while I blog.  Boom thinks she is in denial about the move – excited about the grass, but not excited for the heat and humidity.

She is just the best.  I am so thankful that she found and chose us to be her family.


5 responses to “Happy

  1. She does love her some “big bed.” She is going to be one sad lady when you get the new bedding. She tends to take the move out of the big bed very personal!

  2. Love that photo! Can’t wait to see Miss Ruby and her parents more.

  3. When Ruby gets hot she becomes somewhat of a crumudgeon so folks are going to have to give her a little time to adapt to the Houston region. She starts the theatrics with the squinting of her eyes as her way of saying “Are you kidding me with this?” Then she begins the sighing and the excessive panting to make sure that you know she is not happy. Finally she pulls out her patented lie down in the middle of the street, sidewalk, gress, etc. and refusal to take another step. When you try to move her she rolls onto her back, wiggles wildly side to side, and jabs at you with her front and back legs like a professional boxer. She mostly lands body blows and is generally pretty effective in keeping you away despite your obvious reach advantage. After realizing that this is in fact more exhausting than the walk itself she settles down and gives you the sad eyes to convey “C’mon don’t you want to carry me?” The remainder of the walk then becomes a grueling test of fortitude as you try to carry a 40lbs sack of potatoes. When you get her back to the house she immediately flops down on the wood floors and splays out to try and cool herself off. Usually after 30 minutes of what appears to be a deathbed routine she slowly skulks into the kitchen and laps down her entire bowl of water in an excessively loud fashion to hammer home the point that you tried to kill her by taking her on a .45 mile walk on what she would have sworn was the surface of the sun.

  4. Boom is a funny one!

  5. I doubt she will ever be used to the hummid and hot summer in Houston, may be just keep her inside and walk around inside until fall….or have a swimming pool, let swimming as her exercise.

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