Oh, Internet, how I’ve missed you!  It’s been 3 full days since I’ve been able to spend any quality time with you – but you’ve got to understand…  I’ve been in H-town with Boom looking for a new house!  And that takes a lot of time and energy.   Way more energy than I expected.  Every day when we get back to the hotel from a full day of house hunting, I am exhausted!  Just want to take a nap and rest.  Boom will actually get on line, but only to look at houses and the such.

So don’t be mad or feel neglected that I haven’t been paying much attention to you.  Things are just a little bit crazy right now… we are like Goldilocks – trying to find the house that is just right for us.  A much harder task than it sounds, since things are bigger in Texas (bigger physically, but also bolder and more ornate, we have found).

The weather has been awesome – no humidity, sunny, and actually a bit cool!  I have been needing my light jacket I brought down, and this morning it was really chilly – I was cold in shorts and a t-shirt and my light jacket.  I think H-town is gonna be just fine for Boom and I – we are excited to start our new adventure!


One response to “Hello!

  1. I am surprised at how cool it is tonight when we arrived back from Phoenix. I wish it would stay like this all the time!

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