SATC sighting!

Yesterday morning Boom and I were having breakfast at our hotel. We got seated in a booth next to a booth with two gentlemen in it. Boom was back to back with the older gentleman, who was talking about Asia, and was a lawyer, from what Boom could tell. I looked up and saw the other younger mans face and totally recognized him – he was an actor!

I whispered to Boom that there was a famous actor sitting in the booth behind him (and not to turn around, not that he ever would, since he could care less) – it took me a few minutes, but I was finally able to place the actor… he was Charlotte’s first hubby in

! He looked basically the same, just a little older. But totally was him.

When I texted Gretty later on, she told me his name: Kyle MacLachlan!

This is how he looked on the show, as Trey MacDougal.

So I tried to be sneaky and said loudly when Boom’s yougurt and granola was delivered, Look at the size of that glass! It is as big as your head. I totally need a photo. Thus ensuring that pulling out my camera was totally called for…

There he is over Boom’s shoulder… He kinda gave me a funny look, but then we both went back to breakfast and I was a little embarrassed, so did nothing further to get his photo (and, btw, that glass is really huge!).

Totally random and unexpected! Fun stuff in H-town!


3 responses to “SATC sighting!

  1. I suspect Trey MacDougal gave you the funny look because he is not accustomed to being the second best looking Irishmen in a photograph. Not to mention the fact that the fruit parfait that I was making my way through was better looking than either one of us. I hope everyone enjoys the phoney smile that I threw in as Tingaling worked to angle the camera up and over my shoulder to get KM in the photo. I was tempted to see if he wanted to share a shot of Jameson with me and chase it with a pint of Guinness in honor of the boys from the old country, but it was 9:30 AM on a Sunday and Tingaling and I had a full day of house hunting ahead of us.

  2. you guys are goofy! that parfait looks yummy though.

  3. Love the celeb sighting!!! I agree that he will always be Trey MacDougal……however he is also Orson Hodge on Desperate Housewives now – Bree’s husband!! Which means he was/is part of two of the best shows ever, IMHO… 🙂

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