Moving is very stressful and nerve-wracking.  So I am going to focus on the positive…

Things That Make Me Happy About Moving to Houston:

1) I’ll be in the same city as my sissy!  She left for college in ’89, so we really haven’t lived in close proximity in a long time!

2) The selection of grocery stores (which may sound dumb, but in RIC there are few choices – and not really good choices, in my opinion):

Whole foods will make eating organic easier and maybe a little less expensive.  They have a huge selection of all kinds of things, which will be quite nice (to get organic cleaners and the what not) – and a prepared foods section, which is great!

I haven’t yet been in the Central Market here, but I still remember the gherkin stuffed olives that my sister’s friend had at Yarb’s per-bachlorette party.  She got them there, and I have been looking ever since (6 years!) and haven’t been able to find ’em.  So I am hopeful that they still have them at CM.  I hear that CM also has a great prepared foods section.

3) Boom’s job opportunity – it is good!

4) Marm and dad being only less than 4 hours away via car.  That is quite a change – since 1998 I have not been within driving distance to them.

5) Living some place where going to UVa is unique!

Wahoowa!  We hear the UVa Club of Houston is pretty good, so we’ll have to check it out.

6) A yard with grass for little Ruby!  She will be beside herself with all the space in our new house, once we get a new house (the houses here are just bigger than in RIC).

7) A real international airport, that a major carrier uses as it’s hub.  Will be much easier for us to get to the West Coast and also to Mexico and South America.  and easy to get to the East coast / Northeast as well.

I am sure there are other reasons that I just can’t think of off the top of my head…  Boom and I are excited for the change of scenery, especially post-tragedy.  So hopefully this will be good for our bodies, spirits and minds.


One response to “List

  1. Don’t forget you’ll be closer to marm and dad too.
    We are all happy you are back to TX.

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