Fancy Pants

Today I went to a fashion show at River Oaks Country Club, “the” country club in Houston.  Currently, the United States Men’s Clay Court Championship is taking place there, and this fashion show always takes place during the tourney.

, a cute store that carries a ton of great designers (from what I can tell off their website and the show), was the presenter of this fashion show “Feminine to a Fault”.

My real estate agent had an extra ticket, which is how I was able to go.  She was also the real estate agent of my friend from middle & high school, RH.  So RH was also there.

I saw many ladies in hats, all ages, lots of cute dresses and outfits, and some not so cute.  When I looked around, I could tell that I was not in Richmond anymore.  Not that there was anything glaring that I could put my finger on, but hair was a little bigger and certainly jewelery was bigger.  And all things designer were embraced.  I think in Richmond at a similar event, there would likely be some Lily Pulitzer, at least a little, and there was none in sigh (thank goodness!).

Good think I had brought some white pants and some designer flats – unfort, I had not brought any make up nor tweezers (I desperately need to pluck my eyebrows!).  At least I never took off my large sunglasses (event was poolside).  I guess I am not feminine to a fault (am thinking I need to start shaving my legs more than quarterly…)


One response to “Fancy Pants

  1. Tooties is definitely high end. I have only bought one thing there – a Nanette Lepore skirt, on sale of course!
    I emailed my book club girl and saw her at yogi today – they are meeting next Thurs. Hopefully they will be a cool bunch and you can join when you move down here!

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