My good friend up in DC, Ward, reads quite a bit.  And she is really good about giving books as gifts.  She gave me this book years ago – and I never got through it all the way.

So a few weeks back I decided to read it in it’s entirety – and I really enjoyed it.  It is definitely quirky and unusual, but very funny and well written.  His descriptions of things really is great, and very amusing.  The ending was a little anti-climatic for me, but overall a good read.

Yarbs gave me a book to read when I saw her for lunch in Houston:

It was good – a quick read.  I literally read it all in one sitting.  Sad, but also reassuring in the human spirit.  The main character is definitely likable (and young!) – she goes through so much in her 11 years.  Makes me realize (though it is fiction) that I have been very lucky in my life.

I’ve been so ADD recently that it has been hard to get through books – I seem to have too much to do and feel guilty about taking the time to read.  But is is good for me, I need to remember.  And now that the house is clean and I can’t mess it up with crafting, I think there is gonna be some good reading time ahead for me.


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