Blog Envy

Every time I read my favorite blog, Dooce (by Heather Armstrong), I vow to either become a wittier, better blogger or to just stop blogging altogether. And since I check her out at least one a day, I am making lots of vows to myself. I guess since I haven’t stopped blogging altogether, I just need to become a better writer. Which stinks for me, since I’ve never been a great writer, nor have I ever wanted to be.

Sometimes I think I need to have a more interesting life, but then I realize her life is not really all that interesting – it is her reaction and description of the mundane that is just hilarious. Granted, she battles depression (and is an ex-Mormon) which helps create drama (?) or at least she has some demons she is battling. I guess I am just too normal (not that I want to be on anti-depressants) but that is my excuse of why this blog is neither interesting nor well written.


One response to “Blog Envy

  1. I love your blog. I think becoming a good writer just takes practice and more practice. You are definitely on your way!

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