My friend Neener’s brother is music producer in LA, which is so cool. The fact that he is really nice and a good guy, that is just makes him even cooler. His latest project is Ride on Rides – they are good!

(BTW, I am loving my Citizen Cope CD – highly recommend it!)


2 responses to “Cool

  1. I guess you are becoming the indie music lover? Or rediscovering your indie roots 🙂

  2. I always new that Tingaling was into Indie and it only makes sense that she is making this rediscovery with the looming release of his next movie.

    In fact, when I came home last Friday Tingaling and Ruby were all caught up in the role playing. Ting was pulling the removable crown off of our banister at the base of the stairs and had a bag of flour in her hand to swiftly replace the weight. Unfortuntaley the well planned scheme did not work and suddenly a large boulder started rolling down the stair case. Tingaling scooped Ruby up in her arms and yelled “Don’t worry Short-Round, I will save you.” Little Short-Round was very focused and into her role. She quickly barked out a “Run, Indie, run!!!”

    It was all quite dramatic and real. The scene left me with chills!!

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