My friend Kandy A ran the double Boston Marathon yesterday.  This is the third year in a row that she has done the double.  She really is crazy, that one…

So what exactly is the double Boston Marathon, you ask?  Well, be warned – it is only for seriously fit ultra marathoners…  The Boston Marathon is a point to point marathon (not a loop) that starts at 10am.  Those doing the double get up very early, getting to the finish line around 5 or 530am.  So Kandy ran from the finish line to the start, got to the start in time for the official 10am start and ran the marathon (again) from start to finish.  For a grand total of 52.4 miles, in 9 hours or so.

This year, Kandy’s official time (the 2nd marathon for her that day) was 4:46:18!!!!  That is freakin’ awesome!  I can’t imagine running 2 marathons back to back on the same day, and then posting at 4:46 on the 2nd one – EFFING AWESOME!

When we texted last night, she had this to say: “… Had to get iv at the finish but feel awesome now”

I am in awe – even when I was doing ultras, I was never this tough.. maybe someday, once I return to ultra marathoning…  or maybe not, esp. since I am sucking wind after only 30 minutes of running.  Looks like I have a long way to go…


4 responses to “Krazy

  1. We need to plan a trip to Boston when Joe runs the marathon! I don’t think he’ll do it twice, though…

  2. Kandy Apple was the baddest ass in Boston, Mass on Monday. This statement includes all and any Kenyan runners that might have finished the marathon in like 1:45.

  3. OMG!!!! I can’t even imagine……so impressed!!

  4. IVs are where it’s at. I wish I’d known sooner.
    I’m sticking with one-ways from now on though…

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