Ladies that Dine

Last night was my Supper Club going away party. And it was loverly. It was really great to see all the gals – when I was waiting for Sam and Eliz to pick me up I started thinking of how I know all of them:

LH – JLR (She was my transfer chair when I transfered from DC to Ric. We talked on the phone before I ever got down to Ric. She joined almost a year after everyone else – I think we had a member that never came or was too busy to commit).

Sam – Darden (met in D & J’s kitchen at the end of 1st year).

Lea – I think she is the only one I didn’t know. Jojo brought her into the fold – as they were neighbors. Turns out, her hubby worked for the same company as Boom, but just in a different section.

Eliz – JLR (I remember asking her if she wanted to meet more people at the Clothes Rack. She said yes and another member for Supper Club was found!).

Jelly – Accenture. Met up in Philly on a gov’t project. I think we even got married on the same day!

KB – Her hubby and Boom worked together. We spent our very 1st 4th of July at their house – with another couple friend of theirs from Bschool. (I was a veggie then as well!).

Jojo – Her hubby and Boom worked together. We met at a work social, and I remember her hubby telling me about their fly fishing honeymoon (which was a dream for him and a surprise to her!).

We had all just moved to RIC (except Lea, and LH) – and now I am moving away. So is Jelly (back to Philly for her!), she just announced last night! Seems like the end of an era – at least for Boom and I. A new chapter awaits us in H-town!

They also got me a really cool clear plastic tray with our initials monongramed on it! I would take a photo, but I have already stashed it away in the basement (I am getting really good at putting everything in it’s place – I just need to remember that for the new house).

Moving is so bittersweet. Excited for the new adventure, but sad to leave so many good friends behind. At least I know I will be back 2 times this fall, for weddings.


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