This morning, I really couldn’t figure out if I wanted to go to yogidy or Seals.  I was having this debate because sometimes of Fridays the workouts are not all that tough, so makes it seem less worth it to be there.  And Fridays are usually heavy on the team aspect, which can be ok, but being team leader stinks (in my opinion). But on the other hand, I was kinda not wanting a super tough workout, since the last time I really elevated my heart rate was Monday (I was awake and raring to go to Seals on Tuesday, but got sidetracked by  some major G.I. issues.  On Wed, I was still a little scared from the GI issues, and then Thursday Seals was at Bryan Park, and I just don’t usually go there) and I had a really big dinner last night at Havana 59.

Anyway, got up at 5am, had this internal debate, and Seals won out.  Very unfort for me, I was on the end of the line when we formed up, and was team leader.  Just my luck, the day I decide to hit Seals, I am also a team lead.  I much prefer to just be a team member and critique the team lead.  But it wasn’t so bad (no thanks to me) – the people on my team were not the uber Seals athletes, all just in the middle of the pack, which is good.  Sometimes with the uber ones, they are really demanding on their leaders and impatient.  This team was very nice, and we weren’t too shabby, either!  I guess my lesson learned here is to either 1) expect the worst of a situation and then be pleasantly surprised, or 2) surround myself with middle-of-the-pack people, who tend to be nicer than agro people.

When Seals was having some drama and issues about a year ago, Boom suggested that my friends and I start a splinter group and call it “Team Sea Lion”.  Well, we never did, but I am glad to say that Team Sea Lion will be reunited at the San Diego Marathon in June!

I also remembered a photo that my friend doctored up for me, when I told her I was doing Seals.  Very amusing… From My Pal Al in March 2005 (!) – good thing I don’t delete my emails 😉

ting’s quote of the day:  “and now i do a seal training thing (hard to explain)”


3 responses to “Seals

  1. HA – I totally remember sending you that pic! The seals would be lucky to have you as their leader… hehe 🙂

  2. Hee hee – it pays not to be too agro!

  3. Still can’t believe that “Team Sea Lion” didn’t get legs and take off. I thought it was a brilliant idea. If initiated when suggested your ranks would likely have swollen well past 100 members by today!

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