Reason #21

Overheard at yogidy:

Yoga instructor to mid-40 year old in his class…

“You look familiar.”

“Yes, so do you…  I wonder from what?”

“Where did you go to school?”

St. Catherines, blah blah blah…”

After that the convo is all a blur to me…  I can’t believe that a mid-40 year old person would answer “St. Catherines” as where she went to school (St.C is the local all girls private lower / middle / upper school) – I mean, she is in her mid-40s!!!!   Wouldn’t she think someone older like her might know her from college or grad school?!  Not  high school?

This right here is one reason I am a bit ready to leave the RIC.  Some people here think RIC is the center of the universe, and that going to St.C is the end all be all.  Very odd to me.  Sometimes I just want to shake people and say “there is life outside RIC – go out there and experience it!”

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