Man at Work

Boom enjoys small, manageable projects around the house. Putting the house on the market has provided many of these. Most I outsource to our trusty handyman Steve, but a few Boom has completed.

Last weekend, Boom put a doorknob and latch on our master bedroom. We haven’t had a doorknob that latched on that door since we moved in. So we’d just have to barricade ourselves in the room to keep Ruby out and off of the big bed. Many a night one of us would head off to the bathroom and crash into one of these barricades (trash cans, yoga ball, empty copy paper box, etc).

I love the way the old timey door knobs look – love the cream colored knob and the black hardware. During this project, I was dozing on the bed, slightly hung over from the Darden reunion. and when I would wake, I’d take a few photos, then go back to dozing. Tough to be the manager, but someone has to do it.

Boom’s expression is both “Ha! I triumph over you, Doorknob!” and “Doorknob, you are a true SOB and I respect you, but I still gotcha” all at the same time.

When we (we being the contractors) fixed up the outside entry way, we moved the mail slot from the side to the front of the door. This meant we had to close up the secret door that mail went into. Boom painted on once the wall had been patched. Unfort, his first coat was with the wrong paint:

We were both like, maybe it dries a LOT lighter? But then I realized we were using the living room paint and not the hallway paint. Boom repainted with nary a complaint!

He is just so cute! It’ll be nice when we are both down in H-town full time.

3 responses to “Man at Work

  1. I didn’t know boom was such the handy man!

  2. It was all very grueling work both on a physical and intellectual level.

  3. I’m sad the secret door is gone. I’m sad you all are in H town too, but I’m sad for the former loss all the same.

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