Farewell, Lovely Wineclub

Last night was my last wine club ever. And I was feeling a little under the weather during the day, so I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but, as usual, I had a great time and loved getting to see all the lovely wineclub ladies.

Top Row: Court (founder), Molly, Scooter, Whitey, Ali, Nina, Trisha (1st timer), Lizard

Bottom Row: Stu, New Girl (forgot her name), Gretty (hold lovely photo of Dave and Scooter), Cubs, Me

It’s been great getting to know the folks in Wineclub. I remember when Gretty told me years ago about how some of her friends were starting a wine club, who’s only goal is to get gals together to drink wine. I was like, Sign me up! I can handle something like that!

Last night was a good showing. Sometimes there is a much smaller core of girls that show up – which is also great in it’s own way. Scooter kept us amused last night by re-telling some past dating stories (Can you cuddle like a koala?) and Cubs shared about her date on Friday night (no sparks), Court and Molly are starting Seals on Monday (yay!), and we just talk about everything you can imagine (ice cubes, anyone?).

It is great because I am going to see many of my closest Wineclub friends soon after we move away – Cubs and Gretty in SD at the end of May / beg of June. and Court (and TJ) are coming down for the Red Sox vs. Astros games at the end of June (Cubs, that is when you are in ‘rado – you should just come down to H-town for the weekend!).

A lovely evening – and I will think of Wineclub every last Tues of the month… hopefully I’ll be able to make some surprise guest appearances!


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