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Ladies that Dine

Last night was my Supper Club going away party. And it was loverly. It was really great to see all the gals – when I was waiting for Sam and Eliz to pick me up I started thinking of how I know all of them:

LH – JLR (She was my transfer chair when I transfered from DC to Ric. We talked on the phone before I ever got down to Ric. She joined almost a year after everyone else – I think we had a member that never came or was too busy to commit).

Sam – Darden (met in D & J’s kitchen at the end of 1st year).

Lea – I think she is the only one I didn’t know. Jojo brought her into the fold – as they were neighbors. Turns out, her hubby worked for the same company as Boom, but just in a different section.

Eliz – JLR (I remember asking her if she wanted to meet more people at the Clothes Rack. She said yes and another member for Supper Club was found!).

Jelly – Accenture. Met up in Philly on a gov’t project. I think we even got married on the same day!

KB – Her hubby and Boom worked together. We spent our very 1st 4th of July at their house – with another couple friend of theirs from Bschool. (I was a veggie then as well!).

Jojo – Her hubby and Boom worked together. We met at a work social, and I remember her hubby telling me about their fly fishing honeymoon (which was a dream for him and a surprise to her!).

We had all just moved to RIC (except Lea, and LH) – and now I am moving away. So is Jelly (back to Philly for her!), she just announced last night! Seems like the end of an era – at least for Boom and I. A new chapter awaits us in H-town!

They also got me a really cool clear plastic tray with our initials monongramed on it! I would take a photo, but I have already stashed it away in the basement (I am getting really good at putting everything in it’s place – I just need to remember that for the new house).

Moving is so bittersweet. Excited for the new adventure, but sad to leave so many good friends behind. At least I know I will be back 2 times this fall, for weddings.


Happy Belated

One of my oldest BFFs (and VIP) celebrated a birthday earlier this week. Cheers, My Pal Al – here’s to you!!!


My friend Neener’s brother is music producer in LA, which is so cool. The fact that he is really nice and a good guy, that is just makes him even cooler. His latest project is Ride on Rides – they are good!

(BTW, I am loving my Citizen Cope CD – highly recommend it!)


My friend Kandy A ran the double Boston Marathon yesterday.  This is the third year in a row that she has done the double.  She really is crazy, that one…

So what exactly is the double Boston Marathon, you ask?  Well, be warned – it is only for seriously fit ultra marathoners…  The Boston Marathon is a point to point marathon (not a loop) that starts at 10am.  Those doing the double get up very early, getting to the finish line around 5 or 530am.  So Kandy ran from the finish line to the start, got to the start in time for the official 10am start and ran the marathon (again) from start to finish.  For a grand total of 52.4 miles, in 9 hours or so.

This year, Kandy’s official time (the 2nd marathon for her that day) was 4:46:18!!!!  That is freakin’ awesome!  I can’t imagine running 2 marathons back to back on the same day, and then posting at 4:46 on the 2nd one – EFFING AWESOME!

When we texted last night, she had this to say: “… Had to get iv at the finish but feel awesome now”

I am in awe – even when I was doing ultras, I was never this tough.. maybe someday, once I return to ultra marathoning…  or maybe not, esp. since I am sucking wind after only 30 minutes of running.  Looks like I have a long way to go…

Speedbumps don’t scare me…

(…or 5-year Darden Reunion 2008)

Early Sunday morn / late Sat night, I awoke with a headache. And also had a headache when I got up. Dunno why – I only had 1 beer and 5 (or maybe 4.5) glasses of vino on Saturday night. Ha! I am such a light weight these days – and the wine was just going down so well…

We didn’t get into C’ville until Saturday lunch time (the festivities started on Friday) as Boom “had to” golf in a tourney his new company sponsored on Friday, so he didn’t get home until around 1030pm. The weather was great Saturday during the day – sunny and not too hot. Lunch was focused towards carnivores (bbq) but it was nice to be back at Darden – I forget how beautiful it is, as is the rest of the University. But everything at Darden really looks great (for example, the parking garage cost quite a bit so that it would not be an eyesore).

Shiney, Boom, GB, & Snack under their grad year banner.

We got to see lots of folks we hadn’t seen in at least a year, some even more! Of course I mainly hung out with my friend, Sam, another wife that moved to RIC with her hubby, Snack (and classmate of Booms), at the same time that we did.

We were talking about how the reunion is an unusual experience for the wives, since we weren’t in the thick of classes, but still kinda knew some people. More odd for me since I wasn’t even living in C’ville during Boom’s Darden years.

After lunch, Boom and I tooled around “the Corner” and got all the UVa gear we thought we’d need, since we are moving away (and be the novel people that went to UVa). We then headed to check in at the Boar’s Head Inn, and have a snack since I didn’t get all that much nourishment at lunch.

Lovely Under Armor shorts and t from Darden, a hunting camo hat and another Under Armor UVa shirt (from Mincers), and a technical t from Ragged Mtn Running Shop. (Not pictured, my orange Boar’s Head hat with a boar’s head stitched on front in hunter green)

The cocktail party before dinner was nice, until it started raining, as it was mainly outside, uncovered. Got to see Boom’s good buddy, Walk, for a bit. And, of course, the class photo! (Spouses were told they were not welcome in the photo!)

Kiki, Boom & Walk

The whole class (who was there) – Boom is in the top row, center.

A little closer…

And closer yet! I have never seen the guy who’s head is between Walk’s and Booms…

On to dinner – the amuse bouche (and who doesn’t love an amuse bouche?! Recently, we’ve been eating at places that have been giving us amuse bouches.) was a chilled lobster piece with orange chutney. That was pretty tasty, but the main course was salmon and beef, on the same plate! Very unusual – and the beef was a Yankee pot roast (or brisket) according to Boom. I guess I didn’t miss much. Both Sam and I were very indignant that we were not served dessert! She is a few months preggers, so she can’t enjoy the vino, so she was really looking forward to the dessert.

We got ushered outside for fireworks, and the tables had desserts on them. Nothing too fancy – we enjoyed the chocolate dipped macaroons. They also had petite fours and some truffles. The fireworks seemed rather close – I think they were being set off from the parking lot. I am not a huge fireworks fan – they all seem to look the same. So I don’t go out of my way to see ’em, nor do I get very excited for them. They were fine. Lots of OWWWWWWWs and AHHHHHHHs from the crowd.

Woo – fireworks. Self-portrait of Sam & I.

The rest of the night we were just hanging out with everyone – watching the old peeps tear up the dance floor! So fun! The bank kept playing Mustang Sally – literally they must have played it at least 4 times throughout the night.

GB, Moi, Boom, Mags (Walk’s wife) & Walk

By the end of the night, after my 1 beer and 5 glasses of vino, I was quite tired. So we didn’t shut the place down, but we stayed out to a respectable time (midnight). And Snack and I even devised an elaborate plan to steal Walk’s iPhone! It involved Snack causing a scene, me coming to help and running into Walk and thus getting the opp to take his iPhone. Fortunately, Walk had already left to go home.

I drove back to the hotel, and there is remarkably low street lighting from Darden to the Inn. Once on Inn grounds, I sped through the speed bumps, since they really didn’t scare me and I knew I could take ’em. Boom claims I did a poor parking job, but at least I was between the lines, albeit a smidge close to the car next to me.

Sunday, even with all the house prep we needed to do, I was kinda worthless. Watched Boom do a lot of chores, and in the end helped weed out things to give away as well as print labels from my label maker (whew! talk about taxing!) to go onto the many bins we have.

Overall, a great weekend, but I kinda wished we were able to just veg out at home. I suspect vegging out is not gonna be an option until we are settled in H- town… sigh… tired with just the thought of everything I need to do!


Since the stagers came, they had lots of mandates. We moved things around and Boom finally has a real office! (too bad he is not home to enjoy it!) We moved his desk from the downstairs hallway into the middle bedroom. And we moved the bookshelf from the guest room into the middle room – all the makings of an office.

I decided to arrange the books on the bookshelf by color (I had seen the idea on one of the design blogs I frequent, but can’t find the exact link), kinda like this person (but not nearly as intense). I think it came out well:

Does it matter than Jarod Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel is next to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling? or that Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is in close proximity to Little Alters Everywhere by Rebecca Wells? I think not – just as long as it looks pretty… I hope we don’t need to find a book in the shelf in any sort of rush, since spine color is not an easy way to locate a book.

I also had a mandate to get some light colored linens for the master bed. The old Ikea standby was no longer good enough. I went to Pottery Barn and got sheets, and shams and a duvet cover – all organic! I also got a light quilt (not at PB, as they did not have organic, so I just went the cheaper route and got it at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, can’t remember which one) to complete the look. (I meant to wash all the sheets and everything before I put them on the bed, but I didn’t have any time before the photographer came. So you can still see the creases from being packaged up. Opps.)

Of course I couldn’t get anything with any color. I have color issues… at least the walls are yellow. And black and white will be so easy to reuse and add to… at least that is what I tell myself. It definitely looks ten times better than it did. (Ruby thinks it is horribly ugly, just because she knows this spells the end of her on the “big bed”.)

I do feel a little egotistical with my bridal portrait above the bed – at least it is not in our dining room, which is where people in RIC hang their bridal portraits. But the black and white of the photo went well with the new bedding ensemble. And since Boom and I worship it every evening (the angel that I am), it seemed like an apropos spot for it.

Helping me be cooler

When I got home from H-town, a package was waiting from me from my awesome friend Neener – 3 CDs!

I have ripped these songs into iTunes and am really enjoying the album! Pretty chill, and not poppy / top 40, which is good for me. These are the other 2 CDs:

I haven’t yet had a chance to rip these songs, but I am excited for some new, different music! It takes a lot of effort to keep on top of cool music, and I am just too lazy. So I like it when my friends can intro me to new good stuff. Thanks, Neener!

Update – Am listening to the N.O. Jazz Vipers right now.  I really like ’em!  Different sound than Citizen Cope (he’s a bit darker) – big band and upbeat (and jazzy, imagine that), so far.  I love the horns!