El Tiempo and beyond

Last night we went to El Tiempo – a very yummy mex restaurant here in H-town.

I had fish & crab tacos – which were SO good!  (Much better than the ones I had a Cont Divide just the night before in C’ville)  They came with queso that had a little kick in it – and that was just delish.  It is kinda weird for me to put cheese sauce on fish, but it really worked and tasted very good.  They also had a Tres Leches (Three Milk) cake that we ordered to see how it compared to the tres leches cake at Kuba Kuba in Richmond.  Honestly, I liked the Kuba Kuba tres leches better, but Boom claimed to like the El Tiempo tres leches better.

He is a funny one – now that we are nearly moved into our new home town, everything here (in H-town) clearly must be better than what was in RIC.  But really, the tres leches at ET tasted just like a strawberry shortcake – it had pieces of strawberry on it and in it.  It was good, but not as good as the tres leches at KK.  Boom just liked that the ET tres leches did not have those little silver balls (dragees) that the KK tres leches has on it (they are rather hard).

Anyway, it was a delicious Tex Mex meal – I think my first on in H-town so far!  I think Houston will be going against me in my quest to lose weight and eat less.  There seem to be lots of good restaurants that we want to try out!  I guess I just need to keep my wits about me and focus on just having a little taste of things, and keeping portions under control and skipping dessert (both of which are my downfalls!).

Afterwards, we met up with Yarbs at Cova, a wine bar across the street.  Since her hubby Josephine hates us, he did not come with her.  (Just kidding – hopefully he does not really hate us… he was out with the gays at some gay bar).  It was like a meat locker in Cova – so freaking cold!  I guess that is what happens in H-town, since it is so hot and humid outside, inside is always freezing.  I got a flight of champagnes – but really only liked the Brut from Spain.

It was great to see Yarbs and hang out for a bit – she is out of town this weekend (blah) for a work retreat in Ohio (very random).  But we’ll be down here full time pretty soon, so there will be much hanging out in our future!

P.S.  The weather has started getting much warmer and steamier compared to last visit.  By the time we are fully down here, it will be hot and humid, for sure.  Ruby won’t know what hit her!


2 responses to “El Tiempo and beyond

  1. I had a great time hanging out too! And for the record no Josephine doesn’t hate you but he just likes the gays better 😉
    see you when you come back!

  2. El Tiempo’s Tres Leches Rules!!!!

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