Lessons Learned from Bruce

[Update: After some discussion, this post should be more aptly named “Realizations” not Lessons Learned]

Yesterday we went into C’ville to pick up Boom’s framed (finally – after 5 years!) Darden diploma, and also to see Bruce Springsteen at the John Paul Jones arena, which we hadn’t been to before this. Boom likes the Boss and these tickets were part of his Christmas gift (he was surprised! so that was fun). Cubby was supposed to be going with us, but she had a big case and thus, sadly, unable to make it. She had been “strenously objecting” last night, but to no avail. Poor thing didn’t leave the court house until 8pm! Must be hard to be high powered attorney (at least she won her part of the case!).

Anyway, we met up with everyone (Court, her work friend, then eventually Trav and Pete, their college friend, and then Sanjay and Trisha) at Continental Divide, a very delish Mex restaurant that is very small and gets overly packed all the time. Luckily Boom and I were the very first people there and got the pick of the litter for where we wanted to sit. Court and Tara soon arrived and we all had drinks, nachos and ordered food. We were nearly done eating when Trav and Pete showed up, meeting their college friend – and they all also got drinks and food (the entire restaurant was hating us at this point). We had just added 3 people to our table and ticket! But it was all good. And lots of fun! Great to hang out and nosh. And here is where I learned lesson had realization #1: Tingaling needs to lose about 10 – 15 LBs (seriously). After everything that has happened this past year, I am just carrying more weight on me than need be. And the Buddha is everywhere! Me no likey. So I am gonna try to exercise more and eat less (ha! sounds easy, right?) to lose some weight. Boom, on the other hand, is looking great! So he is my inspiration (lucky for me he doesn’t call me “Fatty”, like I once called him, though it would be very apropos).

On to JPJ – it is a new arena that we have been wanted to check out! So we were able to do so, just before we are leaving for H-town. Bruce had no opening band, which was unusual, but I guess an American icon like him needs no opening band.

He looked just like all his photos – he and his band were kinda old! But still could rock it. The drummer cracked me up the most – he looked like he could be someone’s dad – not dressed like a rocker at all, but then could totally pump out the beats. Here is where I learned lesson had realization #2: If an artist is good, anyone can enjoy his performance. I am not the biggest Boss fan – I hardly knew any of the songs that he played, but still had a really good time! And we weren’t really all that close to the stage, but at JPJ there really are no bad seats, which is a good thing.

We got back home around midnight, and had to get up at 4am to pack and make sure the house was tidy before heading to the airport for our 6am flite to H-town. Kinda a ridonkulous 24 hours, but we are now down in H-town (it is starting to warm up!) and had our meeting with the builder’s rep. We close on the house on May 9!!! All still a bit surreal to me, but very exciting! I am most nervous about making friends – I just really enjoyed all my friends in RIC so much, I hope I can find good peeps like that down here.


2 responses to “Lessons Learned from Bruce

  1. I have no doubt that you will make tons of friends once you get settled. A little social butterfly like you has no choice but to attract tons of peeps!

  2. Nice – Bruce was a great xmas present and one that was a well played surprise by Tingaling. It was too bad that Cubs couldn’t make the show, but Tingaling and I did have a great time watching some of the older folks in the crowd really get into a song here and there that had a special meaning for them. Very reserved looking folks would suddenly get up and start gyrating and swaying singing along to the tunes.

    Bruce puts on a high energy show. He was go-go from the start and never let up. You would see him run to the back of the stage as a song ended and toss of his guitar, pick up a different guitar and his harmonica and run back up front screaming “1,2,3” to kick off the next tune.

    Long night and day yesterday, but very much worth it. Bruce is one of those shows you have to see once.

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