High Roller

As we headed to the hotel yesterday, I joked with Boom that the Four Seasons is my home away from home in H-town. And wondered if any of the hotel peeps would recognize me. Sure enough, as one of the valet guys opens my door, he is all like, Welcome to… (the recognition sets in), I mean, Welcome back to the Four Seasons. It was hilarious! Not that really expected them to remember me, though there was one day I got the car out of the garage no less than 3 times (so perhaps I am infamous).

The last time we were here, Boom got a really great room. It was HUGE! and I really enjoyed it – good old 1201. This time, he warned me, his new company had negotiated a new rate with the Four Seasons, so that I should expect a crappy room close to the elevators. I wanted Boom to ask to see if we could get the same room as last time, and he refused. So, when we were checking in, I decided to take matters into my own hands:

Do you think we can get the same room as last time? – me to the guy behind the counter

(Guy squints at his computer screen) No, you guys are in a better room – a suite! – at a better rate!

Hmmm – Ok great. – Me, thinking, I will be the judge if it is indeed a “better room”…

We are in a suite, and it is just fine, but I do think I liked room 1201 better. 1201 was just so large, and in a corner, and the bed was really far from the door. But it will do…

Anyway, we get a card slipped under our door, asking us to call this number for our “Private Service amenity” to be delivered to our room. Boom calls, and literally 20 seconds later there is a knock at the door. A lady comes in (I am in the bed, just resting) and sets up a bottle of water, towel, 2 apples and a flower with a note on our table. Totally random. And the note is from the Front Desk Manager, welcoming Boom back to the Four Seasons, and how it is difficult to be away from friends, family and the comforts of home for “long periods of time”, blah blah blah… I guess when you stay at the Four Seasons for 17 days over 4 weeks, you are a VIP!


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