Another Star Sighting

After our run this morning in Memorial Park, when we were bringing our car up to the valets, there was a man standing there, whistling, loudly. So I looked to see who the loud whistler was, and I realized it was some TV person. I didn’t know his name, but knew that he was a TV personality. I whispered to Boom – That guy is someone on TV… someone famous. He knew who it was and it turns out it was this guy:

John Quinones, from ABC’s Primetime Live.

It looked like he was with his dad, or some older man related to him. I guess when anyone famous comes to H-town, they always hit the Four Seasons. Very random, since last visit I saw Kyle McLaughlin.  Too bad my high rolling ways are soon over (actually, it’ll be so great to be “home”!  Aero bed and not much else, but that is just part of the adventure).


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