So that’s where they hang out…

Saturday night, after dinner at Reef, we decided to check out what midtown had to offer in terms of bars. We asked our server and he recommended Pub Fiction (which Boom had been to on a Thursday night) and Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar. Since they are around the corner from each other, we thought it would a good area, ’cause if we didn’t like one, we could go to the other.

When Boom went to Pub Fiction last time, on a Thursday night, it was packed!  He said there was barely any room to even get a drink.  Well, I guess they start up a bit later than 9:15pm on Saturday nights, as it was empty!  We saw nary a soul on the patio nor in the bar itself.  So we headed over to Howl at the Moon…

The bouncer commented on Boom and I’s matching flip flops (Rainbows), there was a $7 cover (whatever) and when we walked in, it  was all ladies!  Boom and I looked at each other and were just laughing.  He was like, Is this a lesbian bar?  Literally, there were maybe 4 other men there besides Boom.  And there were at least 4 bachlorette parties there!  Finally, we’ve found the H-town bar where all the bachlorettes go!  HA!

We figured out it was not a lesbian bar, but just attracts lots of women, with the dueling pianos – and the duelers sing and entertain.  By the time we were finishing up our beers, there were more people and men there, and even more bachlorette parties.  It was very odd – we kind felt like we were in the Twilight Zone or Punk’d or something.

At least we can say we’ve checked it out (though I don’t think we should let many people know), and I don’t think we’ll be going back any time soon (but if you are a single male, that is where you would have some good odds).  At least not unless I am attending a bachlorette party…


6 responses to “So that’s where they hang out…

  1. Hola – I’m back from my work trip! Pup Fiction is one of Ken and Johnny’s favorite places to hang out, but Idon’t really care for it much (and neither does Joe). Reef is yummy, isn’t it?
    When will you be officially moving?

  2. Yes – Howling Moon was quite the scene. I vow however, never to set foot back in that place. Pub Fiction was aright the night I went, but you could tell it was a total meat market. I lasted for one beer and then called it a night.

    So we close on the house today. I am heading over to the title company in the next hour to sign all the papers and hand over the money “Blah!!!”

    Later – Boom

  3. Ha – I have been to Howl/Moon in Kansas City with my DH, kind of randomly. Those dualing piano bars are definitely bachelorette party hangouts!!!! My bro and his friends used to go to one here in Dallas, just to pick up girls, b/c they knew there would be tons of ’em…..ha.

    Congrats on the house!! I was thinking you close Fri for some reason……Park and I can’t wait to come visit!!!


  4. Technically I think we were scheduled to close on or before May 9, Friday. I guess we actually won’t close now until Thursday as they need to get Tingaling’s signatures on the documents as well.

  5. Ahh, well I agree, the wife should definitely be on the official documents! Congrats in advance then!!

  6. Yeah – Howl at the Moon is one of those chain bars that attract the bachelorette party type. I went to one in Chicago. You need to find a Whitlow’s-esque type bar….(or your preference – a Mister Days-type…). 🙂

    Oh! Even better – a Rockit Bar!!

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