the gals

Life has been weird lately. Monday night (first night back from trip to H-town), I couldn’t sleep. Rarely can I not sleep. Boom was all, You can ALWAYS sleep! You never have issues sleeping! I KNOW, which makes it that much worse when I can’t… and a couple nights ago I had a nightmare about Boom leaving me behind. Don’t remember exactly what it was about, but woke up telling him that I had had a nightmare and that he can’t leave me behind. Clearly the stress of the move is getting to me, even if I don’t realize it.

So last night I had dinner with KB, Jojo and Sam. The three ladies I moved to RIC with at the same time. I was over tired and had a glass of pink champagne, so maybe a bit emotional. Tears were shed. Like KB said, we all grew up once we were here in RIC. Our grown up lives started when we got here – which I totally agree with (marriage, house, all that good stuff!). and we’ve been through so much together. 6 kids and counting (Sam is preggers! with a BOY!!!!) and even when life got in the way, when we all go super busy, when I needed support / help / etc, they were there.

I think back to the tragedy, when I needed to be picked up, to have people rally around me, and they were there. With meals, books, care packages, and just to talk and to listen (which was so great as some of them had been through what I had been through, and they all were at a stage in their lives where they got how devastating it was). And I appreciate that more than I think they know. It means a lot to me to have friends that I can depend on, even if I can’t talk to them every day, or even every week

I guess I am a bit more apprehensive about moving than maybe I fully realize. Some people don’t need good girl friends, but I am not one of those folks. I love having good girl friends – gals to have fun with but also who really care and are there for me when I need it (and vice versa, of course).

Boom says I am crazy to worry, that I didn’t know that many folks when we moved to RIC, so of course I will be able to make good friends once we move. But I am still worried. I just seemed to have more energy 5 years ago… of course I’ll make the best of it and better yet, Yarbs will be there, in H-town which is definitely a good security blanket to have.


2 responses to “the gals

  1. Oh Tinger – I have no doubt in my mind that you will meet and make great friends here as well. H-town will definitely be a bit different from Ric but I think you have the personality that draws good people to you. Look at all the different times of your life and all the good friends you still have from each of those times. Just think of this as another stage. And you know I will always be here for you and Marm is just an hour plane ride away!

  2. Is KB wearing one of the Intel Inside Space Suits in this picture?

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