The last thing I needed to clean out / organize was the craft shelves in my little office nook.  And it was a daunting task:


It didn’t even take that long, but I had to psych myself up to even begin the task.  Now the shelves are all tidy and fairly organized.


So that is it.  Everything and every room in the house is tidy and organized.  Just need someone to purch the house!  Not that being a dual home owner isn’t awesome, ’cause it totally is 😉  But would be nice to get what little furniture we have down to H-town, so we are not living it up ghetto style for too long.


3 responses to “Whew!

  1. Ummm – Are you sure you didn’t use the “before” picture twice by accident? I mean it looks great. LYH.

  2. Hee hee – I didn’t realize it was 2 different photos until I looked a little more closely…

  3. Poindexter (on the main guitar)

    This is the coolest blog- I love all the pics and your random thoughts. Very neat Tingaling! I miss you already girl, but this will make me feel like you are still in town! xoxo, JP

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