Week of Friends

This week has been great as I’ve eaten most of my meals (not bfast) out and with friends. So glad to get to see folks “one last time” before we drive off into the sunset. I realize that I have a random group of friends, but I have always been like that and I really love having all different friends.

Monday night I got to have dindin with Gentz (+ hubby) and Poindexter, two of my very dear friends. Gentz and I went to undergrad together, but really became close post graduation. Poindexter and I met through the Junior League – and as I always say, the 2 best things that I got out of the Junior League was meeting Poindexter and Stevie (another great friend).

Sadly, I was so beat down and discombobulated from traveling that I forgot my camera. Would have loved to have captured those two cats on film, but another time. Goodness knows I have many photos of them, so that is good.

Poindexter just started her new job and it is great! Which totally rocks and I am so glad for her. She is such an awesome person – so upbeat and always positive and ready to be your cheerleader. When her father passed away a year or so ago, I didn’t know what to do, so I didn’t do much and I feel like I was a bad friend during that time. Which stinks, as that is when people need good friends the most. Anyway, I jut was an idiot and wish I had been a better friend.

Here is a photo from a dinner out with Poindexter and her cutie pie daughter back in Feb. I meant to do a little posting back then about them, but never seemed to get around to it.

G-money is rockin’ it with her fine stationary and gift store. That girl is a hard worker! We weren’t able to get together as much as I would have liked (esp. for living in the same city) – but life and busy-ness always seemed to get into the way.

Here’s a photo of the 4 of us from our going away fete.  Gentz is looking stylish and cute as ever! She is always put together and just looks great. Gives me something to aspire to (I finally washed my hair Wed – hadn’t touched it since Saturday night! That may be a new record for me – and I really shouldn’t be repeating that anytime soon).

Tuesday lunch I had with Tucker. She is great. I haven’t known her for that long (met her at the job I took in Jan ’07, but she was on maternity leave when I started – so she probably started back in April of last year). I remember asking one of our co-workers (who had worked with her) before she came back if we would get along (I was a little apprehensive, as the chemistry seemed to be working out just fine the way it was). And D was all like, Oh yeah – you guys are totally going to be friends. And he was right! She was the one that opened my eyes to the blogging world! And the rest is history 😉

I think when you are seeing someone everyday, and you actually get along with that person, you end up sharing a lot. And she was there and in the thick of things when everything went down. She is really empathetic, among other great qualities. And the situation at work was less than ideal, so I feel like we really bonded under those circumstances.

Luckily today I don’t have lunch plans as I have lots I need to get done!  Of course it is raining, though, which stinks for running errands.  Oh well, what can be done?  I do kinda feel like a post Seals nap – will have to force myself to push on through!


2 responses to “Week of Friends

  1. Glad you are able to see all your friends before you leave. You look like one busy lady! It will be nice to unwind once you arrive in H-town!

  2. P.S. I was thinking we should watch GG on Tuesday because it comes on a bit late Monday nights.

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