The Real Reason Boom wants me down in H-town ASAP

Boom’s other co-worked down in H-town is somewhat of a partier.  And Boom gets brought into all of his plans of going out.  Last night they went to Rich’s – the largest dance club inside the loop!  And were out until 3am!!!

Boom called me before they left the hotel – he thought that it might be a gay club (but I hadn’t heard of it from Yarbs) so he thought he might run into Yarbs and Josephine.  Turns out it is not a gay club, he thinks there were likely some gay men there, but there were also a lot of ladies and straight peeps as well.  He said it was packed.  and totally crazy.  So his new fav spot 😉

So Boom is hurting this morning – in part of his moaning, he was all like, I can’t wait for you to get down here to save me from going out!  My body can’t handle it anymore!

Ha, so now I know the real reason he is so anxious to get me down… somehow I don’t think that he will be exempt from all forays into Houston nightlife, but definitely think the wife card can get him out of at least a few.  As long as he doesn’t try to drag me out with him and his partying co-worker…


One response to “The Real Reason Boom wants me down in H-town ASAP

  1. Rich’s USED to be a gay bar – we actually used to go there a lot, before South Beach opened. We even went there after Madonnarama a couple weekend ago, but we don’t go much anymore. Hee hee – that’s funny!

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