Almost Time

We are headed down to H-town tonight – gonna drive through the night.  Fun times.  So I will likely be radio silent for a few days, until we can get our wireless internet up and running.

Wish us luck!


4 responses to “Almost Time

  1. In the absence of Tingaling’s internet service I will provide the update that the drive down to H-Town went smoothly. We made it in about 20 hours and Ruby managed to sleep about 18 of those. Tingaling and I unfortunately only got about 2 hours collectively so we were a bit spent by the time we pulled into the house last night.

  2. congraduation you guys made it….take a long, long …sleep…

  3. Welcome (back) to Texas!!!!! xoxo

  4. Poindexter (on the main guitar)

    I’m so thankful you guys made it! I was worried! How does Ruby like TX?

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