So we are finally down in H-town for good (basically).  The drive was long and painful, but at least it is behind us.  And it could have been a lot worse – there was no traffic (everyone sped along at very high speeds, so we just followed suit) and little Ruby did not get sick at all!  She was great – such a trooper.  We did have torrential downpours for a few hours, but managed to get through it unscathed.

I am not officially back on the grid, as we don’t have internet at home yet (nor a washing machine) so am at Yarb’s doing both.  It seems like I have been out of touch for a long, LONG time, but really it has been less than a week.   Took some photos during the drive, and will post ’em once we are up and running at home.

So how has it been?  Well, good – have seen Yarbs every day this week but Tuesday!  so that is great.  and different – not that many people have dogs, and the area is not all that dog friendly.  Perhaps it is just being in more of a neighborhood than we were before – in the Fan, there were trash cans all over the place, which was great to dispose of Ruby’s deuces.  Here, there are hardly any trash cans, so I have had to bring home some bags of goodies, that I am leaving inside the fence on the side of the house for Boom to deal with.

And it is hot.  and steamy.  And everyone tells me that “spring” down here has been very “mild”, so just wait for the real heat.  I am not accustomed to it at all.  But all in time, I suppose.

The house is completely empty.  We are really living it up ghetto style – 2 folding chairs, and folding card table we got at the Targ just the other day, and a faux aero bed.  I really can’t wait to get our stuff – not that it will fill up the house by any means, but to have dishes and plates and that stuff will be nice.  I did use the gas burner last night for the first time.  First time for me to cook with gas, as well!  Very odd – it heats up so quickly!  I have been setting up meetings with designers, so that should be interesting.  First one is tomorrow!

I did go to a Southside Place Women’s Civic club meeting earlier this week.  Got to meet some people in the neighborhood, so that was nice.  Kinda hard to explain, but Southside Place is it’s own city (within West U, which is it’s own city as well) with a mayor and city council people and police and fire dept.  We actually can’t vote for the Mayor of Houston, since we live in Southside Place.  Met a Korean gal, so I am assuming I doubled the Asian population of Southside Place.  She was very nice, and I think I may call her to get a yard care recommendation.

I am finding my Tomtom to be very helpful.  I can’t imagine life in a new, BIG city without it.  Lorraine always gets us to where we need to go, even if sometimes she seems half-drunk and slurring her words.  She can get a little pushy, though.

I got an iPhone (yay!) with a good 713 number, but then realized I got NO reception in the house so had to return it (BOO!).  Really stinks since the iPhone was such fun!  Tomorrow I will go to Verizon to get a Cra(kberry.  I have had great luck with Verizon since I started with them 5 years ago.  And I get good reception all over the house.

That is about it.  Hopefully this weekend we’ll get a washer and dryer.  Fun times.



3 responses to “HERE!

  1. Aww, I feel so bad for y’all… trashcans in your neighborhood! Gosh it must just be awful having to walk Rubes in such an *awful* place…….lol

    We have gas burners on the stove in our house as well – my first time too! I still don’t cook that much though….so I can’t tell a huge difference….

    I got Park a Garmin for one of his b-day gifts – we are loving it too!! That was a great idea for your move to a new city!

  2. sounds like you are settling down a little bit…hoping to visit you soon…..

  3. Welcome to H-town!

    We just ‘celebrated’ our first year here in Texas. I don’t know about this spring having been mild, but it has certainly been drier this year than it was last year…

    You’ll get used to the gas stoves, this was my first experience with them too. It took a bit longer to get used to baking with gas but I’m a regular pro at it now 😉

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