Following the Sunshine

This is little Ruble’s new fav spot in the house:

Doesn’t look all that comfortable to me, but I guess the stair is a wide one.

She is so cute! I think she likes that stair, in addition to it being in the sun, b/c she can look out and see what is going on (nothing, really), but since she is a busy body, she likes to be in the know.

Basically anywhere there is a spot of sunshine, she will lie there. Which is unusual because when we go outside on walks, I have had to cut down the length of our walk, due to Ruby’s extreme fatigue brought on by the heat and sunshine. Today, on both walks, I could only go a couple blocks before she quit – just sat in the grass, panting. Since I don’t feel like carrying her (like Boom did on Sunday), I just turned around and went back home.

Poor thing, loves the sun but hates the heat! I guess wearing a fur coat (and boots with the fur) at all times can do that…


3 responses to “Following the Sunshine

  1. I think Rubs really likes the new place. She has been very curious and does seem to get a little frightened when she can’t find us. She does the fastest donuts in the grass backyard I have ever seen. Very cool.

  2. So cute! Our pups like to sit for hours and look out the front window as well. There is nothing really going on out there, except for the occasional couple walking their dog – but they are always sure to alert us!

  3. Cute photos!

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